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10 Quick Tips For Students To Fall In Love With Mathematics

Early education forms a base and becomes an important determinant to the quality of one’s life. The acquired fundamental skills enable a lifetime of learning. Education equips students to live a knowledge-rich life. Schools, on the other hand, help students to deal with life and become capable to earn a living by implementing professional skills. Schools bring out the best in students by educating them on different subjects that include English, science, mathematics, etc. Each subject has its own importance and has different applications in life.

Correct education eliminates the barriers and discrimination in students’ mind that origin on the basis of race, gender and economic status. An educated person is a valuable resource to the nation and its development.

Considering the complexities and peculiarities of each subject, we have observed that students struggle to get that extra mark in the examinations in the mathematics subject. For some, the subject is like a battle to be won. However, it is not as complicated as it seems.Here, we will talk about how mathematics as a subject is important and quick tips to make it fun.

As we all know, mathematics is very useful in our day-to-day lives and has a high application compared to other subjects.

Here’s why:-

  • Subjects like science, technology, and engineering, which are considered to be essential for the growth and future success of a nation cannot thrive without including solid mathematics.
  • Besides this, it improves our analytical and reasoning skills. It generates practicality and also sharpens the mind.
  • Here comes the interesting part about mathematics - A typical mathematical problem demands to collect data, apply logic and formulas systematically and solve the problem in a rational way. By arriving at logical solutions, our minds also get prepared to solve real-life problems .
  • Similarly, analytical skills developed while working out a maths problem help students to apply logic and accept reality in their future life. Mathematics makes the student think, stimulate coherence, precision and bring clarity.

Although schools give their level best to teach mathematics to students, the common problem that prevails that students do not take the subject seriously enough and look at it as a boring subject. Students miss out on the fact that they will be able to earn good remuneration by being quick in mathematics. Some find the subject to be tough. However, it can be made interesting with some smart tricks.

Keep reading to uncover:


To make maths a fun-filled subject, following are some strategies to live by:-

  1. Practice role plays

    Roleplay is a valuable and rarely used learning method in a maths class. An excellent example for a role play for maths class is ‘shopping transactions’. This provides a real-world implication for maths education. Besides this, it also introduces students to a life outside the classroom. As the students get into their character assigned for role play, their interpersonal skills are also enhanced. Learning is best when unexpected.

    Therefore, you can invite a group of friends or classmates and host a role-play session.

  2. Play board games

    Everyone loves to play board games. Games add lots of fun into learning. Games like Uno involve number counting and math skills. The best thing about the board game is that they are helping to reduce a students’ math anxiety. Always set rules and structure of the game as you want. Set winning milestones and reward for each success point. Different levels of game develop a new way of thinking and learning new maths format.

  3. Use props

    Make use of currency notes, coins and stamps to learn addition, subtraction and division. There is a different value of different currency notes and coins. Select a set of problems to solve by making the use of currency notes and coins. To add more zeal, you can also add time limit to every problem. A lesser-known and an entertaining way to learn maths is to use a dice. If you get too bored while working out maths problems, have a ‘dice’ rolling. Yes, roll the dice and practice your addition, multiplication, and fractions. Rolling the dice will give the pleasure of playing a game while you also solve your maths problem.

  4. Go beyond textbooks

    There are no limitations to learning!

    ‘If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you’ - Zig Ziglar

    On some days, forget the textbooks and the class material. Just go out with a notebook and start writing down a lesson you know directly on the notebook. For example – If you visit a mountain or a pyramid, sit down and draw a pyramid in your notebook and start working its formulas.

  5. Learn from tutorials

    Utilising online videos for learning purpose is not a new concept. The internet is an amazing learning platform if used properly. After learning a concept from the textbook, students can go online and search for videos and tutorials to expand their knowledge regarding the same topic. This process will not only strengthen students knowledge but also inculcate self-learning.

  6. Effectively use technology

    Today whiteboards and digital learning have entered into classrooms. Moreover, many schools also make use of electronic devices like tablets for teaching. The internet today is filled with websites that enable maths practice and are solely meant for learning maths. It provides interactive activities that make learning fun. A visual representation of a written text helps to remember the concept for a long time. As a student, you can go ahead and ask your teachers to suggest some helpful websites and learn from them. These websites can also be referred to go deep into the topics taught in class. Use technology and see your level of interest in learning going up.

  7. Download mobile applications

    Today, there are ample applications available on play store. You can research a mobile application that is suitable for your age group and also discuss them with your teachers. By asking your teachers, you will get to know the most accurate application. Students can also ask their friends for suggestions.

  8. Learn from real-life situations

    In a mathematics class, students and teachers can exchange information and instances of math learning related to real life. After all, the ultimate goal of having a maths class is to be prepared for real life.

    Visualise and correlate with monetary transactions. You can share things you learned about money because money always involves working out a maths problem before transacting. Interesting. Isn’t it?

  9. Play puzzle games

    We assume that maths is all numbers but actually maths is more than just numbers. It involves logic, organisation and analysis as well. Play games like Sudoku. Number puzzle games like Sudoku requires a combination of logical and arithmetic skills. Moreover, a Sudoku game is more complicated than an arithmetic problem. So, when you are successful in solving these games, you also get an edge in solving mathematical problems.

  10. Try different ways to approach a problem

    There is no single way to solve a problem. You can make a different approach to arrive at a solution. Work out various ways, try to understand every part of the problem and follow the method that is suitable for you. As long as you apply the correct logic, you are right. If you get the correct answer, ensure that you share it with your teacher. This practice will make you good at problem-solving and develop confidence.

Encourage yourself to grow and not mug up things when it comes to maths.

All the above-mentioned tricks not only make learning easy but also creates a lively and productive environment. For learning maths actively, teachers and parents play a major role. Students can always take help and support of teachers and parents and make them a part of your learning.

Appreciation all the way

By implementing these tricks into your maths study sessions, you can add fun learning in maths and score well without any fear. There is one more way of thinking. You can enjoy music without playing and appreciate art without painting. Similarly, you can enjoy maths without thinking its actual implementation in life. Mathematics is not highlighted by people or media like other subjects such as arts and literature.

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