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6 Convincing Benefits To Promote Reading Among Teenagers

Reading has always been the best way to acquire knowledge and the most inexpensive means of entertainment. Through reading, you expose yourself to new information and ideas. Besides providing a wealth of information, reading adds value to the people of any age and help to lead a better life. The effects of reading have been life-changing. In your school, you must be receiving education through school textbooks. There are some good schools in Vadodara, which give utmost importance to reading in spite of the introduction of digitalized mediums of imparting education. Reading school materials is necessary. But you should also read other books to expand knowledge in your fundamental education and other aspects of life.

‘Reading is the basic tool in the living of a good life’ - Mortimer Adler

Here are 6 benefits of reading that will truly justify why reading is important:

  • Reading expands knowledge

    Reading not only helps you to score high in examinations but also helps to lead a productive life. Reading introduces you to things you didn’t know earlier. If you inculcate the habit of reading, you are able to understand varied topics in depth. The more you read, the more knowledge you absorb. And like other skills, reading also develops with practice. Gradually, with practice, your capacity to absorb more knowledge increases which prove to be of a great help in understanding other important aspects of life. Being a student, you should always read as much as you can. Reading different topics daily helps you to explore new words which will expand your vocabulary. When you use new words in your day-to-day conversations, not only the quality of conversation improves but you also feel confident. Reading also introduces you to new languages. Apart from learning new words every day, you also learn diverse dialects as you learn new languages. Learning various languages develop an interest in various cultures. Reading newspapers and magazines helps in improving the general knowledge and awareness of the latest news. When you develop a habit of reading a newspaper daily, you can easily get fresh topics for conversations. Having awareness of the recent developments build self-confidence.

  • Reading generates curiosity and a thirst for knowledge

    When you develop a habit of reading, you look forward to read more. When you read works written by the best creative minds, you delve deep into the book and attempt to understand the thoughts of the great thinkers. This enhances your imagination and hence, expand your mind and thought process. The process to venture into the creative minds evoke imagination. Every book has a different representation. When you read different kinds of books, you are able to utilise your imagination in more than one way. For example, storybooks always engage one’s imagination. Hence, when you read a storybook, your mind jumps ahead of the story and tries to guess the climax and scenes throughout the story. When reading a storybook, you get transported to a different world, visualising the lives of the fictional characters present in the book. If you are intrigued by the theme of the book, you will be compelled to complete the book as soon as possible. Reading feeds the craving mind. It supplies the information and knowledge that the mind seeks. Moreover, reading in groups increase the thirst for more knowledge as each person is curious to know more than the others.

  • Reading improves concentration

    Reading engages the attention of the readers. While reading a fiction book, the readers are engrossed in the book for a longer time. For understanding the entire story, you need to be focused for a long duration in order to understand the story and its flow. By reading every day, you learn to concentrate. This reading habit developed helps you in school and improve your performance in examinations as well.

  • Reading exercises the mind

    Did you know reading can make your mind active? Yes, reading is considered as a mental exercise. As the saying goes, ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’ - Joseph Addison. Your brain requires as much exercise as your body needs to stay strong and fit. Reading stimulates the mind and the thought process. When you are reading, you unknowingly put to use your critical and analytical skills. When you read different books, you need to remember different characters to understand the story better. You have to remember the background, the storyline, the plot which forces your mind to stay active and remember things. As a result, you can observe an improvement in your memory

  • Reading improves writing skills

    The more you read, the better you write. There is a direct link between reading and writing. When you read published work like magazines, newspapers and online articles, you connect with the vocabulary which you can put to use in your writing. A sincere reading expands your vocabulary and helps you to learn new words and phrases. The vocabulary enriched over a period contributes to better writing. Reading augments written expression as well as verbal expression. For better writing skills, as a student, you can analyse what you read and note down ideas while reading newsletters, periodicals, books and magazines. You can also study the language and the style of writing.

  • Reading brings you joy

    Reading has a very powerful emotional influence on the reader. When you read sad stories, you feel sad. When you read enlightening stories, you feel motivated and inspired. Some books hold the potential to transform lives. Knowledge is power. The right information gained from reading can lead to inspiration and success. Reading is the ideal way to utilise time while you also expand your knowledge. With a book, you are never alone. Reading eliminates boredom and loneliness. You can read on weekends and long journeys and learn something new. Reading can be a loyal friend and an ideal companion to bring solace in solitude.

  • Reading improves health

    Immersing in a good read helps to relax and unwind. Many people have a habit of reading before sleeping. This helps in a good night’s sleep. Including reading in your daily routine can change lives. It gives a boost as it reduces stress and relieves tension. Reading is a very entertaining and enriching experience. Students can use their breaks to read their favourite books.

Once the habit of reading grows, it seldom dies. Below are some ways through which you can cultivate a habit of reading in you-

  • A reading hour every day

    Set aside some time daily for reading. Ensure that you read for half an hour or one hour every day. It is a great start to develop the habit of reading.

  • Set goals

    Determine the number of books you will read per month. And then try to accomplish this number. Once you achieve this number, you can gradually keep increasing the number.

  • Read a variety of books

    Do not overindulge in a specific genre of books. Read different kinds of books to widen your knowledge. Once you are into the habit of reading, slowly you can also start reading the genres which are out of your comfort zone.

  • Carry a book everywhere

    When you check your daily essentials like keys, wallet, phone, do not forget to add a book in your checklist. Keeping a book handy every time is a great trick to master the habit of reading.

  • Make reading a pleasurable activity

    Ensure that you enjoy what you are reading. This will accelerate the learning process. Share with your friends the books you are reading and describe it. Once you complete reading the book, you can even write a blog on it. Blogging is the best way to let people know what you are reading. Everybody who reads the blog, can comment on the blog and suggest you their favourite books. Keep a log of what you read and prepare a list of books you want to read in the future. Later, whenever you read the books, cross the names and replace them with new names.

We, at Nalanda International School, promote reading habits among students to improve their intellectual capacity. We are considered as one of the best schools in Vadodara (Baroda). At Nalanda International School, we believe that learning is beyond the textbooks and classrooms. While the students follow their general curriculum, they can also learn various topics of their interest. We believe that reading can change lives of students. The school library aims to support their learning and equip them with skills that are essential to succeed in the constantly changing environment. Our library has a variety of books that facilitates students to make their individual choices pertaining to reading. The world-class infrastructure, the lush-green campus and innovative teaching methods together make Nalanda International School a good school in Vadodara.

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