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7 Essential Tips to Ace the Board Examinations

Every student has to appear in board examinations irrespective of the school he/she receives education from.

The scores of board exams from ICSE school in Vadodara or any other school in Vadodara are not only the foundation of a student’s career but are the first step of choosing their careers ahead. Good scores in board exams open up several opportunities for students. By scoring well in board examinations, students get a chance to seek admission in best colleges.

However, the time before the examinations become the most stressful period of the year. As the examinations approach, students get stressed which in return impacts their performance. Hence, below are few expert tips that will help students to give their best in board examinations-

  1. Time management - Before getting to know how to manage their time students should keep this mind that studying on each day of the academic year will dramatically improve their performance. Students should not procrastinate and complete their tasks on a daily basis. This exercise will reduce the load that accumulates at the end of the year and generates stress.
    • To better manage time, students should remember to study daily to cover up the vast syllabus.
    • Students must follow an organised timetable that changes on a monthly basis. An organised time-table helps students to determine the time spent on each subject depending on their complexity and length.
  2. Concrete study plan - An effective study plan and an organised timetable together form the guidelines to achieve study goals.

    As beautifully quoted by Swami Vivekananda, ‘Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is reached’

    So, students should start their journey with a goal set in mind. Depending on their goal, they should draft a preparation plan for each subject. Students should remember to -

    • Set a preparation plan for each subject which also includes hours set for revision. For a better organisation, students can keep separate notebooks for different subjects so that it is easy to revisit the syllabus in last days.
    • Last minute studying and cramming are no good. Students can highlight content and prepare important notes of the same. Using different coloured markers and sticky notes will make learning fun and simple.
    • Education calendar- The same study plan followed throughout the year may not yield the desired results. Therefore, students must update their preparation plans on a timely basis. Depending on their need for studying each subject, students must alter the timings alongside their preparations.
  3. Visual Aids - Information, when presented visually, becomes a lot more engaging and hence easy to memorise. Hence, visual learning strategies like posters of science diagrams, formulas, tables and graphs highly influence the learning process of young learners. Every student has a different pace of learning but visual objects stimulate the learning process of students.

    The syllabus of board examination is sometimes vast. Moreover, there a lot many things like facts, figures, important dates, etc. to remember. Students can keep educational infographics or posters of key dates, formulas and so in their study room. This will not only simplify complex information but also help them to mentally prepare in their free hours.

    Students can also incorporate lesson plans and mind maps to memorise long information.

    These learning techniques will flourish the creativity in students while simultaneously gamifying the entire study area.

  4. Previous year question papers - For students of board examinations, it is imperative to solve previous year exam papers and sample question papers. It will equip students with insight on how to productively solve examination and also effectively manage time during the examination.
    • For subjects like mathematics, you can say - "Practice makes MATH perfect!". A good amount of practice is required to get the answer correct in the examination. Students who aim to score full marks in mathematics are required to solve a lot more question papers.
    • There is no limit to the number of question papers a student can solve. Thinking that students have complete knowledge of the entire syllabus is not everything. To gauge their progress students must solve question papers since the initial months of the year and gradually increase the frequency of question papers to solve in every month.

    Students must keep solving question papers to ensure speed, accuracy and productivity on the day of examination.

  5. Evaluation - Every person has a set of strengths and weakness. Similarly, students have an inclination for different subjects. Students should pay equal attention to subjects they dislike. To achieve a higher percentage, students must try to give their best in every subject.
    • To start with, students should analyse their strengths and weakness and prepare accordingly. Students can take the help of their friends to understand the subjects that are hard to learn for them. Buddy learning is not only interesting but also encourages students to learn more.
  6. Thorough with syllabus - When it comes to board examinations, the syllabus remains the same almost every year. Students must keep a record of the new concepts in the present year.

    This is the most important!

    Students must be thorough with their entire syllabus. It will help them to relate the grading system, concentrate on high weight-age portions and prepare smartly. Sometimes, it is observed that students run after multiple reference books can be studied only after the textbook syllabus is covered. Board examinations never include questions that are out of syllabus. Therefore, to perform good, students must stick to their textbook syllabus.

  7. Handwriting - Good handwriting can fetch marks in board examinations. When students write in a clean and orderly manner, it leaves a positive impression on the paper checker and makes the sheet look good.
    • Those students who perform well in their examinations but fail to keep pace due to their handwritings must take out some time every day and practice in order to improve their handwriting.

Tip for a good presentation -Students can try practising answers in a manner that makes answer sheet look impressive. Strategies such as underlining important points, drawing margins must be implemented to boost marks.

Finally, after putting all the hard work and dedication, students must take proper care of their health, which includes-

  • Proper sleep -Students must not lose out on their sleep. Many students sleep for fewer hours as board examinations draw closer. But, a lack of sleep leads to a fatigued mind and a short concentration span.
  • Balanced diet -Students must not forget that they will only be able to perform well if their body is healthy. Giving up on food and skipping meals has a deteriorating effect on health. And, students must follow a timely and proper diet.
  • Mental Health -If at any point in time, students feel stressed or anxious, they should take time off, listen to music or indulge in their favourite sports and so. They should start their preparations since the beginning of the session itself and do get stressed at the last moment. They must remember to- Study hard, and study smart!
  • Avoiding distractions -Technological advancements are boon in today’s society. Not only have they made our tasks easier but also have provided with a plethora of information. However, students must never forget that social networking is also a distraction. Therefore, they must avoid using electronics like laptops and especially smartphones during study hours.

Students must always remember that board examinations are an essential part of their lives. However, students should stay calm, never panic and approach the examinations with confidence.

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