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Campus And Infrastructure at Nalanda School Vadodara

Imparting quality education needs the right ambience. A school building is not made of just brick and stone but planning and love. A great deal of thought has gone into transforming brick walls and concrete slabs into the beautiful buildings of Nalanda International School. The school has four buildings, each of them retaining the school's chief architectural style of exposed brick, yet designed age specifically. The chief features include open spaces, arches, a bell tower, long corridors, play areas, seating areas, elements that embellish the premises and the specific rooms that are allotted for the specific activities. The school is a proud recipient of the LEAF Award in the year 2006 in a highly commended category for the use of traditional methods of environmental control. Nalanda was selected by the ‘LEAF Forum’ for LEAf Awards - 2006.



Nalanda International School has extensive infrastructure for academic and non academic pursuits of students. Spacious classrooms, laboratories, well stocked libraries, a theatre, a splash pool, courtyards, exam halls, sports grounds including football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, provision for table tennis, dance room and audio visual rooms are some of the highlights. Each building has a unique structure and design which has been architecturally designed age appropriately. A beautiful splash pool and a huge block room are the special features of the Pre School building. The bell tower and a well equipped computer lab are the highlights of the Junior School building. The theatre and the wood workshop enhance the beauty of the Middle School building. The large exam hall to conduct the Board Examinations and the three well-equipped and well stocked Science Laboratories to add a practical dimension are the unique features of the Senior School building.



The sprawling campus is lush green and welcoming. Here you can hear the tweeting of birds, see butterflies and peacocks! In the lap of nature, the process of teaching - learning unfolds.. Short treks in the orchards inside the campus, teaching in the open classrooms and other open areas, help students to stay connected with nature. Apart from buildings the campus has trees, plants and flowers creating a beautiful natural environment to study.



The school has been able to not just decide what to study but also WHERE to study! And the ambience created with beautiful landscaping is perfectly conducive to education.



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