• Best ICSE Schools In Vadodara, Nalanda International Provides A Creative And Magisterial Environment For The Students
  • Nalanda International School The Best School In Baroda Offers True Education That Teaches And Imbibes Universal Values And Morals
  • ICSE School In Vadodara Follow A  Liberal Style Of Education Promising Encouragement And Freedom For Children To Think And Act Singly

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Nalanda International School- Vision & Mission

The Best School In Baroda – Where Knowledge Is Goal


Our primary goal at Nalanda International School (ICSE, Vadodara) which is the best school in Baroda, is to impart quality education that will nurture academic excellence of the highest class and community thinking. We believe that each child has specific in-born talents and it is the school’s responsibility to identify and foster these talents so that the child’s natural gifts are realized to their highest potential and thus develop compassionate world citizens, who are committed to living with responsibility, learning with enthusiasm and balancing a strong work culture with a sense of play.


We strive to offer true education that teaches and imbibes universal values and morals, builds courage, instills self-confidence, and fosters a sense of responsibility in the children, which makes Nalanda International School the best school in Baroda. They are given a proper understanding of their rights and duties as citizens and taught to respect points of view of other people.


At Nalanda International School Baroda, we believe the basic value of life is life itself. This defines the sacredness of human life and with it, the physical security which every parent, school, community, and the society owe to their children. It also acknowledges the right of every person irrespective of age, sex, colour, creed, nationality and religion to live with dignity. At Nalanda International School Baroda, we make every effort to provide an environment conducive to the learning and internalizing of these values, which helps us to maintain the position of being the best school in Baroda.


Education should be able to fulfill a larger role than imparting knowledge and skill, it should be able to instill character and values into our children. An authoritarian education can virtually diminish a child’s innate curiosity. At Nalanda International School Baroda we follow a more liberal style of education, which promises encouragement and freedom for children to think and act individually, making Nalanda the best school in Baroda. We create ample opportunities to identify and fulfill academic, cultural, sporting and social potential through the various paths of learning. We ensure that our students attain skills and attitudes for life in a rapidly changing world. We make every effort to provide a creative, humane and dignified environment for our children to learn and grow into good human beings, proud Indians and successful future world citizens and to acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence and self discipline.

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