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Governing Council

Nalanda Knowledge Foundation is a registered, not-for-profit company established under section 25 of the Registrar of Companies Act, which will run and manage the Nalanda International School. The Nalanda Knowledge Foundation was founded by Natubhai V. Patel and is currently being run by his son, Mayur Patel. The family is dedicated to the cause of education, has been supporting educational activities and the creation of infrastructure in education since 1970. They have instituted scholarships, set up hostels, contributed funding for existing schools and colleges and supported institutions offering higher education in specialized technical and vocational areas.

The Foundation has constituted a Governing Council which will actually manage and administer the School. This includes eminent and knowledgeable personalities in the field of Education and Humanities who have framed the long-term Vision and Policy for the School and will guide all its activities. The Governing Council presently comprises:


The People Behind the School

Sunil Handa - Founder and Chairman, Eklavya Education Foundation which runs the Eklavya School in Ahmedabad, a highly reputed ICSE institution.

Apurva Shah- Renowned Chartered Accountant with distinction from ‘London School of Economics’ and ‘Trustee’ in various charitable trusts.

Kapil Kumar - Former Managing Director of GEA Process Engineering (India) Ltd.

Rajal Chakrabarty - Principal, Eklavya School (ICSE), Ahmedabad

Mayur Patel - Chairman, Nalanda Knowledge Foundation, Industrialist and Owner of CROSSWORD (Book Store) Vadodara and GD Lab Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Gordhandas Desai Pvt. Ltd.)

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