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Philosophies at Nalanda international school

  • 100% Participation – In all big events of Nalanda International School, the school ensures 100% participation by all students. We believe that each child has an inherent set of skills and targets as each student is unique. This philosophy ensures that every child makes relevant contribution – whether big or small – to school events.
  • Good Citizenship – The final purpose of true education is to nurture responsible future citizens of the country and the world. Keeping this in mind, Nalanda International School’s programmes are designed to instill values of civic importance and democratic qualities.
  • Values and Virtues – Education is not complete without the correct values and virtues being instilled. Apart from striving for academic and co-curricular brilliance, Nalanda International School also emphasizes value based education to create better, well rounded individuals for future.
  • Transport for All – In an age when gizmos and gadgets rule the world and when material possessions and branding have become so important, Nalanda International School ensures uniformity in its transport system in order to avoid unwanted comparisons among students. This results in many moments of bonding and togetherness among friends and mentors.
  • Parents as Partners –To ensure regular interaction and communication between the teachers and the parents for the holistic education of the child, Nalanda International School has programmes like Home Visits and Parent Educator Meetings.
  • Holistic Development – Education is not gained from books alone and should not stop at the classroom door. At Nalanda, we believe that students should be exposed to a range of co-curricular activities like Sports, Art, Dance, Drama and Music in order to groom students as well rounded citizens of the future.
  • Discipline – Young students need a clear set of rules and values for a proper upbringing. Nalanda believes that its set of rules of discipline is not the absence of freedom, but rather a clear set of guidelines for model behaviour. Good discipline ensures that students grow up in an environment of order and efficiency.
  • Punctuality and Regularity – Time and tide wait for none… Nalanda strongly believes in this adage and this is evident in its punctual transport system and the timely starting and completion of all school events. Learning and imbibing of a new skill or virtue each day can be achieved only with an emphasis on attendance and regularity and that is why Nalanda stresses on it.
  • Emphasis on Morals, Ethics and Values – In an ever changing world the relevance of morals, ethics and values is more than ever before. Through its events, programmes and school culture, Nalanda educators work hard to inculcate values like honesty, integrity, dignity of labour, equality and good manners.
  • Strictly No Tuitions – The onus of imparting education should rest with the school and thus Nalanda has a strict ‘No Tuition’ policy. Students are discouraged to go for private tuitions of any kind since tuitions are only a burden and do not serve the true purpose of schooling and education but rather may cause damage to the study patterns of students.
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