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It gives us great pleasure when a parent or visitor takes interest in our organization. We recommend you make an appointment with our office through an email, phone call or in person and we would be delighted to give you a guided tour of our premises and help you with questions if any.



Application forms for Nalanda International School are available at the admin office and at crossword, a leading bookstore in the city. Applicants are requested to provide accurate and authentic information duly filled in the admission application forms. This will help us serve you better and take proper care of your children. The application procedure is as illustrated below:



Once you initiate the admission process by submitting the duly filled application forms, we will arrange for a direct interaction session between you along with the applicant and the head of the respective department. The child is required to appear for a general test based on the subjects relevant to the class you have sought the admission for. The test helps us assess the academic echelon of the child and make provisions for extra support if necessary. The subsequent interaction is pleasant and informal, to make you and your child comfortable with the ambience of the school and to give you a deeper insight in to the schools procedures and protocol. It also serves as an opportunity for us to know your child better and gauge his/her levels of social skills, academic enthusiasms and interest in extra-curricular activities.


Admissions during the year

Parents may register for admissions at any time during the academic year, and we will arrange for a suitable interaction.



Once a student is offered admission, the parents have two weeks’ time to deposit the school fees. The parents also need to submit duly signed copies of other important forms and declarations sent along with the acceptance letter for admissions. Before allowing the student to take up his/her place at the school, a transfer certificate from the previous school should be lodged with the admissions office.

Admission Procedure For Year 2021-22


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