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Nalanda School celebrating Cultural Events

At Nalanda we believe in making life a celebration! Nowadays, unfortunately, a festival means a holiday when we wake up late and spend the day without realizing the significance of the day. But at Nalanda, we aim at rekindling and upholding the importance of festivals by celebrating them in the traditional way by keeping in mind all the nuances of the festival and the traditions. The most profound aspects of life are approached in a celebratory way, so that we don’t miss the crux of them. In the same way, at Nalanda, we rejoice by celebrating not just the festivals but also by celebrating mothers.

Schooling is the most important part of an individual's life. Thinking is one thing that can make and destroy at the same time. Therefore it is important to teach children how to think good and do good. Their way of thinking will decide on what kind of a person he or she will be in future...Read More

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