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Events Held At Nalanda International School

Nalanda hosts and participates in many events which can be broadly categorized under Cultural, Art, Achievements and Sports. The aim of all these events is to enhance the child’s potential seeking a holistic development of the child. We tap the child’s talents and hone them in their specific areas of interest encouraging them to better their performance – be it in academics or otherwise. In some of our events, we also ensure 100% participation.

5 Reasons to Understand the Importance of Personality Development in a Child's life

Personality development is the development of behaviour and attitude of a person that distinguishes him/her from the rest. Personality is the unique trait of a child. The components based on which the personality of an individual can be determined - temperament, environment and character.....................

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Learning Parenting Skills: 5 Tips to Deal with Teens

Parenting teens shouldn’t be about controlling them; it’s about giving them ‘training wheels’ or life skills that provide them with protection and experience to develop self-control.....................

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Simple Ways to Keep Children Learning During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of families around the world. As a caregiver, you may be wondering how to support your children in developing, as you're yourself trying to get a grasp on what's happening around you.....................

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Tips for Parents to Keep Themselves and their Children Positive to Survive COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of anxiety and distress for all of us, including parents and children. With schools and workplaces shut down, we all are dealing with a new stressful situation.....................

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School Infrastructure and its Impact on the Child's Development

A school infrastructure and quality facilities is an essential predictor of student learning and teacher retention. All parents will agree to the fact that establishing a safe and healthy school building is necessary for the physical and emotional learning of students....................

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Things Every Parent Should Know About Counselling

What comes to your mind when you think about childhood? It’s obvious to think about words like carefree, play and enjoyment. However, it’s not true for every child. Children are vulnerable to the same emotional health issues and mood disorders that adults go through...................

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20 fun activities for students after schools shut down due to coronavirus

We are all aware of the pandemic all over the world which demands social distancing as the only cure for it. Staying at home for a few weeks is that one medicine which can keep us to be safe and curb the disease from spreading..................

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10 Tips to Prepare your Child for an Exciting Field Trip

1 week to go! 5 days to go! 24 hours to go! And the countdown begins.................

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Respecting Your Child’s Privacy: The Why and How

It can be tough to raise a child. Teaching them the right values, the difference between good and bad, how to go about maintaining a healthy social and physical life, etc. are not..............

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10 Ways to Foster Creativity in Children at an Early Age

Creativity is a sign that your child can solve problems and explore the world by finding inventive solutions. As a parent, you need to motivate your child to create their own imaginative play.............

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Manage Your Time Well: Tips to Enhance Your Productivity

Students all around the world, especially the ones who go to the best schools in Baroda, are well aware of the proverb, “time and tide wait for none.” Essentially, the.............

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The Perks of Meditation for Children

Meditation is a process of turning inward, calming your mind, observing your thoughts and balancing your focus by being in the moment and forgetting about all the worries and stress that affect the health.............

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From Chalkboards to Whiteboards: 10 Pivotal Educational Trends in 2019

Just like in other sectors, technology is blooming in the educational sector too by incorporating digital teaching methods. As the trend develops, we can experience a drastic change in the traditional blackboard that has transformed into white, while children are seen feeding their curiosity by experimenting............

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Let 'em Play Till their Heart's Content!

Even the UN has listed playing as the basic right of every child. Playing is a lens through which a child learns about their skills, abilities while interacting with the surrounding. Motivate your child to play in the dust and get tanned as he/she discovers real-life concepts that will become important milestones...........

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Provide a Lending Hand to Your Child to Succeed in School: 10 Interesting Ways

Children need their parents at all stages of their life.For most of us, even today, when we’re 50 years of age and feel low, or need help, the first people we think of are our parents...........

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Effects of Screen Time on your Children: How to Overcome it?

In a study by the University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, they tested impacts of screen use on children belonging to 4-11 years and asked parents and caregivers about their children’s screen time issues...........

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Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Vocabulary: Secrets To A Good EQ

It's all about digging deeper and understanding one's emotions, which people fail to do.

For instance, at times, we fail to recognise what the other person is saying and start arguing. That is a big sign of low emotional...........

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How Sports and Physical Health can Enrich Young Minds? (All About Mental Health)

Young Tara is an average student studying in 9th Std.

Life was simple for the teenager who loved going to school and making friends. Life took a turn when she stepped...........

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Why Do ICSE Schools Promote Debates In Their Curriculum

Immediately after the lunch, proceedings began in the Parliament.

The newly appointed education minister stood up, all the faces looking up at him, and all the words in his head came out of his mouth...........

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33 Fun Activities To Do With Children This Summer

With summer vacations knocking at the door, parents are blessed with a task to spend some personal time with their children.

While planning a perfect summer vacation can seem daunting to many, help from the school...........Read More

Top 9 Tips to Help Your Child In Education

Every child has the basic right to get a quality education and to facilitate the same is the chief role of parents.

It is a major responsibility of parents to provide education and a conducive atmosphere for their child to learn and grow as a responsible citizen...........Read More

Working Mother And Child Care - How To Maintain The Balance

A mother working - Is it good for the child? The topic has always been debatable and at the same time also a big source of guilt for working mothers..........Read More

Cracking the Code:Spending Your Free Time Productively

Putting efforts into non-school related activities can enhance those aspects of your life that ensure a smooth road to success. That being said, success doesn’t necessarily mean growing professionally. These activities could improve.........Read More

7 Essential Tips to Ace the Board Examinations

Every student has to appear in board examinations irrespective of the school he/she receives education from.

The scores of board exams from ICSE school in Vadodara or any other school in Vadodara are not only the foundation of a student’s career but are the first step of choosing their careers ahead. Good scores.........Read More

5 Debate Topics To Bring Out The Orators In Primary Students

Other than men and women, there are other categories under which humans can be recognised. These are:

  • people who want to change
  • people who simply don’t care
  • people who are the change.

Today a large population of the earth belongs to the second or first category. What the world needs today is the people from the third category and that is.........Read More

6 Games That Can Help Your Child In Overall Development

Adding fun to learning is an excellent teaching strategy. Apart from the academics, a good school is also judged on the basis that how often the teachers indulge their students in interesting games and activities.........Read More

10 Quick Tips For Students To Fall In Love With Mathematics

Early education forms a base and becomes an important determinant to the quality of one’s life. The acquired fundamental skills enable a lifetime of learning. Education equips students to live a knowledge-rich life. Schools, on the other hand, help students to deal with.........Read More

17 Study habits that can change your scores and increase your knowledge

Schooling is the base of a child’s education. However, it is a common observation that as the syllabus increases, children find it difficult to grasp and their studying habits get deteriorated. This damage.........Read More

6 Convincing Benefits To Promote Reading Among Teenagers

Reading has always been the best way to acquire knowledge and the most inexpensive means of entertainment. Through reading, you expose yourself to new information and ideas. Besides providing a wealth of information, reading adds value to the people of any age and help to lead a better life. The effects of reading have been life-changing. In your school, you must.........Read More

Know Here What Makes Nalanda The Best School In Vadodara

Education has a bigger role than just imparting knowledge. It forms a fundamental part of the growth and development of every child. The future of a child largely depends on the quality of education one receives. It empowers a child to.........Read More

The Perfect School Campus: The Importance of Having a Good School Infrastructure

Any place can be good to read and learn for those who love to read and study. For them, knowledge is immaterial, the space does not matter, and physical context is secondary. However, if we look.........Read More

Schools in Baroda Know How to Keep Your Child Entertained During Summer Vacations

The school in which your child studies matters a lot. Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the style and method of teaching and learning. If you want your child to develop a wholesome personality then you need to choose a school.........Read More

Choosing Good Schools in Vadodara that Make Children Love Studies Again

It is not so surprising that finding a good school in Vadodara is one of the most often raised concerns today. No wonder, as a parent, you would leave no stone unturned to make the right choices for your children and start planning things years before. When it is a question of your child’s future,.........Read More

Helpful Tips in shortlisting the Best English Medium Schools for Your Child in Vadodara

Being a parent often means having to make choices about things that in the past were beyond a shadow of a doubt. For example, when it came to sending one's child to school "back in the old days", most parents simply opted a school that was in close proximity to their house. There were very few who choose a private school or an alternative school that was located far from their residences. While today, since parents.........Read More

9 Ways To Get A Child Excited About Learning

Let's be honest, the prospect of sitting down and studying is not the most exciting concept for a child. You might end up frustrated trying to convince students to get excited.........Read More

The Fascinating Evolution of Education in India

From students scrawling alphabets on black slates to digitized classrooms, the Indian education system has come a long way. With parents constantly on a hunt for top schools for their children, finding the right.........Read More

9 Tips To Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School

In the recent years, English has become one of the most influential languages in the world. It has revolutionised the academics of this era. English medium schools have become an important means to secure a child's future. It is an obvious fact that every parent wants to provide their child with the best..........Read More

8 Ways Pre Schools Unravel The Creative Side Of Your Child

Majority of people assume that creativity is an inborn talent that their child is blessed with. Parents believe that all children are not equally creative. But in reality creativity is much more than an inborn talent, it is a skill parents can help their children develop.........Read More

Wisdom Encapsulated in Pages: Reading Can Bring Out The Best In Your Child

The joys of skimming through endless pages and learning from them is unlike any other activity. Reading is an extremely engaging activity that benefits children immensely. It is a productive activity that keeps your child busy and helps them learn new things. Reading helps improve your child's communication skills as well as boost their IQ level.......Read More

6 Effective Study Habits That Can Lead To Better Performance

The first few days of a new school year will be very nerve-wrecking for your children because they will be nervous as well as enthusiastic. This anxiety is quite common amongst students, but it eventually diminishes as they year progresses. Everything comes back on track when they come face-to-face with new challenges. There are a lot of things that need to be changed in order to help children achieve their goals......Read More

Introduce Children To The Concepts of Equality and Humanity

Equality and humanity are two concepts that should be taught by teachers at school. One of the main reasons why schools are considered important, is because students learn several things from their teachers and classmates. Parents are the initial mentors who direct their children towards a better life by choosing the best school. Start by creating a conducive environment at home, to prepare your child for the foreign world out there. .....Read More

The School's Role in Influencing A Child's Development

English is a global language that has a widespread impact. Since we rely on this language for business communication, we cannot ignore it. Most of the data and information shared online is in English, so our children have to be prepared for the constant changes in the corporate industry. Cultural boundaries are blurring and English is at the forefront of this evolution.....Read More

Teacher-Student Relationship: Mould Young Minds To Bring Out The Best In Them

Teachers play an important role in the life of students throughout their schooling and beyond. Although teacher-student relationships are given special importance in schools, teachers have the opportunity to influence a students’ academic and social development at any level of schooling....Read More

Success Has No Gender: Girls Today Are A Force To Reckon With

Women have constantly struggled to fight and overcome societal pressures and norms that prohibited them from chasing after their dreams. India has come a long way in terms of woman empowerment and education, but there is still a long way to go. Today, girls are achieving great feats alongside boys, thanks to the power of education. A well-educated girl will be an independent individual, who can support her family and take care of her needs...Read More

Newspapers: Discover And Learn About The World Around You

Staying updated about the current affairs and the happenings around the world is important for a child. Awareness about the society they live in and knowledge about various events will make them more confident and well-aware Newspapers are a great way to introduce children to the world beyond the school compound. Newspapers ignite new thought in a child's head and experts advise parents to motivate their children to read the newspaper every day...Read More

Reignite the Love for Learning and Education in A Fun Manner

Children ask the most innocent and inquisitive questions. From adorable questions about the colour of the sky to questioning the existence and use of everything around, their imagination is vast. Children love to inquire and investigate about everything they see and experience...Read More

8 Tips To Breeze Through Your Study Schedules

Every individual is unique with their own set of unique qualities. There is no cookie-cutter model that people can follow when it comes to personality building and interests. Everyone is built in a different way, so what might work for you, will not necessary works for others...Read More

Fast- Forward To The Future: Top 4 Trends That Will Revolutionise The Education Sector

The future of education is fast changing, especially with the help of technology. With proper infrastructure, trained teachers and the support of technology, quality education is not a dream any more. In this age of technological boom, digital is the way to go. Educational reform is only possible if we prepare our students for the global world...Read More

4 Effective Ways To Make Learning A Fun Activity

Students consistently support three key feelings: “tired,” “stressed” and “bored”, when they are asked about how they feel in their school. Experts say that “It's actually hard to concentrate and it's also hard to do well in schools, if the brain is constantly responding to a certain amount of stress,” ...Read More

Sports & Character Development: A Beautiful Amalgamation

Playing sports is essential not just for your body, but it is also beneficial for your intellect and emotions. Therefore, it's important to participate in a team sport, since it can develop good character. You will learn all about how a team works, develop discipline, and not to forget that it's a great exercise for both your body and brain...Read More

Importance Of Guidance & Counselling In A Student's Life with Nalanda School

Guidance and counselling are important for children, and schools have a huge role in bringing out the best in children. Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Through counselling, children are given advice on how to manage and deal with emotional conflict and personal problems...Read More

5 Golden Tips On How To Engage Students in Learning Activities

Children are easily distracted by little things, which is why it's important to draw their attention using different techniques. Find out what the students are passionate about and then effectively use these interests as natural motivators to increase their engagement in different activities...Read More

Clay Modelling: Giving Shape To Creative and Colourful Visions

Parenting is definitely hard but not impossible; there are always ways to improve your parenting. Children are like clay, they are supposed to be moulded and taught life lessons that will help them flourish. People around them play a vital role in moulding them. Parents, teachers, classmates, neighbours, and friends shape their persona and psyche...Read More

Good Manners Are Assets That Never Go Out Of Style

Your personality is an asset that you carry for the rest of your lives. Inculcating good manners from a very young age is crucial. Parents and educators have a big role in teaching manners to children. Manners should be taught in the early years and continue till the late teens...Read More

Importance Of Values And Ethics In Education

India as a country has progressed economically and critical steps have been taken to improve the quality of education standards but somewhere down the line, we seem to have lost sight of our country’s traditional values. It's time to start moulding the character of students to turn them into good citizens and most importantly a good human being...Read More

9 Hygiene Habits That Children Should Develop At School

Children are actually more inclined to fall sick than adults, the reason behind it is that children come in close contact with other children in schools and germs can be easily transmitted especially on the playground. Unfortunately, most children are not conscious about their personal hygiene as they should be, which indirectly increases the risk of illness among other students...Read More

Educate to Inspire: Great Teachers Make Great Leaders

A great teacher is one who every student cherishes forever and fondly remembers them in every stage of life and on every achievement. Teachers have a long-lasting impact on the lives of students, and in the same way, students also inspire their teachers...Read More

Exercise & Physical Activity Are The Secret To A Child's Good Mental Healt

Doctors recommend that children should get at least one hour of physical activity per day, in order to combat diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many other medical problems. Physical benefits are not the only reason why children should exercise on a consistent basis...Read More

Schooling is the most important part of an individual's life. Thinking is one thing that can make and destroy at the same time. Therefore it is important to teach children how to think good and do good. Their way of thinking will decide on what kind of a person he or she will be in future...Read More

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