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Physical Activity Has A Three-Fold Benefit To A Child's Mental Development

Exercise & Physical Activity Are The Secret To A Child's Good Mental Health

Doctors recommend that children should get at least one hour of physical activity per day, in order to combat diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many other medical problems. Physical benefits are not the only reason why children should exercise on a consistent basis. Many studies show that there is a positive correlation between the child's physical activity and their mental development.

Three-Fold Benefit Of Physical ActivitiesPhysical Activity & Mental Development of children

Social Benefits

When children are exposed to organized sports or an organized physical education class in an ICSE School in Vadodara, the basic values are further emphasized for overall growth. Values such as working together, sharing and celebrating together, moulds the child physically and emotionally. Working together and winning competitions, help strengthen a child's relationship with peers and gives them something to bond over.

Academic Benefits

A study says that physical activity has a positive impact on the child's performance. Research says that students who are physically fit are more likely to perform well and behave well in school regardless of their race, gender, family income. During physical activity, the brain produces a protein which helps to build nerve-cell connections. The stronger the nerve-cell connections, the easier it gets for children to understand as well as retain information.

Mental Health Benefits

You might have experienced having a particularly stressful day at work, and decided to blow off the stress with an evening run or playing football with your children. By playing your favourite sport you feel refreshed, your mood elevates. The same holds true for your children. Physical activity can impact a child's mood, as well as their motivation and focus. Not only is exercise one of the most important aspect of your child's physical development, but it is also a crucial element for their mental development. Consistent physical activity helps children perform better in the school. They gain friendships, learn social lessons and are mentally fit, all of which are important to set them up for successful careers.

Nalanda International School, Baroda understands the importance of both academics and extra-curricular activities for holistic development of a child.

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