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Clay Modelling: Giving Shape To Creative and Colourful Visions

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Parenting is definitely hard but not impossible; there are always ways to improve your parenting. Children are like clay, they are supposed to be moulded and taught life lessons that will help them flourish. People around them play a vital role in moulding them. Parents, teachers, classmates, neighbours, and friends shape their persona and psyche.

A child's environment shapes them and they start to adapt a specific style of thinking and doing things. Children are the reflection of people around them and what they imbibe from them. Sometimes people just can't understand that their children imitate things from what they see and are easily influenced.

The more enlightened you behave, the better human beings your children will become. Born with pure heart, they are like clean slates. Children grow with each lesson, they are taught.

Most ICSE Schools have several extra-curricular activities for children that are meant to develop several skills. From woodwork to clay modelling, there are many activities that can help in moulding a child's skills. Let's look at the benefits of clay modelling:

5 Benefits of Clay Modelling For Children

1. Motor Skills Development

While playing with clay, children tear, pound, pinch, flatten, poke, roll, squeeze, coil, and bend the clay into various shapes and sizes they wish. Clay is an excellent tool to improve dexterity and it also helps to strengthen the fine motor skills.

2. Problem-Solving

Playing with clay helps stimulate children’s imagination. It also gives children an opportunity to experiment with new building techniques and adapt to the change along the way. This type of learning helps promote problem-solving skills.

3. Therapeutic

Clay just like water and sand has a very natural appeal. The act of simply moulding clay in one's hands can be really calming and relaxing, even for an adult. Manipulating the clay with your hands can also help relieve all your stress to a certain level or can even be an outlet for children who mostly express their emotions physically.

4. Boost Self Esteem

Clay is not hard, hence children are able to easily mould and shape the clay in different forms. The clay is soft and quickly gives in to their delicate touch and hold, which will make them feel in charge of the medium. The feeling that clay gives them control will boost their confidence to bring their vision to life. Once the children learn to express their personal visions through clay, they can easily feel empowered in various ways that goes beyond the art room.

5. Pride & Accomplishment

Children love to receive compliments and they feel pride when they complete even a simplest task. Children learn to derive a sense of personal accomplishment when they finish a clay project.

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