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6 Effective Study Habits That Can Lead To Better Performance

The first few days of a new school year will be very nerve-wrecking for your children because they will be nervous as well as enthusiastic. This anxiety is quite common amongst students, but it eventually diminishes as they year progresses. Everything comes back on track when they come face-to-face with new challenges. There are a lot of things that need to be changed in order to help children achieve their goals.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to take part in your child’s daily schedule and figure out a way to help them with their hectic work. Most English medium schools expect parents to be involved in their child's daily activities and study habits. Most students lack organisation and that’s why it gets difficult for them to handle the stress of all the subjects at the same time. Here are 6 good study habits that can help your children manage stress and perform great at school:

1. An Organised Plan:

Most children face issues in juggling between their homework, tests, extracurricular activities and more. If you learn the art of organisation, it’s easy to shuffle through the tasks without stressing out. Students will learn to not only organise their academic responsibilities but also learn the value of time. One who doesn’t value time, time doesn’t value them, which means they will be pushed out of the game sooner or later. Motivate your child to make a to-do-list that they can follow effectively without fumbling.

2. Keep The Expectations In Check:

Make sure your child is aware of their abilities to perform so that they can work towards their goal effectively without keeping too much expectations. Prepare the children beforehand, you don’t want them to be stressed about anything. Most teachers give a rough outline of what they plan to cover during the year or month. All you need to do is help your child in creating an easy guide that helps them study and play based on the well drafted time table/schedule. Enrol your children to an English medium school where the teachers are approachable and students can ask questions and explore their talents. Every parent should attend the parent-teacher meeting to know how their children are performing at school.

3. A Conducive Study Area:

You can help your child to choose a conducive space for them to relax and study, whether they want to study on the terrace or in the balcony area. The space should be peaceful and should benefit them. Make sure that the place selected is devoid of any noise or distraction. Make sure that they do not study in front of the TV, you do not want them to be easily distracted. Have enough lighting in the area they are studying, you do not want their eyes to strain because of lack of light. Try to convince them to sit on a table and chair to study because if they develop a bad posture, it could hurt their body. Keep distractions like cellphones, video games, comics, sports etc. out of their reach when they study.

4. A Force Of Positivity:

It is important to stay in a positive mindset throughout the day, to boost performance and maintain health. Make sure you listen to what your child has to tell you and encourage your child to do and think positive things. When studying for exams, make sure to motivate them to think positive and not stress out. When you feel that your child is thinking negative or are giving up too easily, teach them to look at the brighter side of things and take everything as a lesson or experience. Try not to scold them over poor performance in exams, figure out how they can improve and help them accordingly.

5. Try Group Studies:

Allow your children to study with their friends or classmates. When children with different skill sets and IQ levels sit together, they can help each other with the difficult subjects. Teach your children to share and help each other with the subjects they are good at. They will not only learn to share and be empathetic but also perform well in difficult subjects. Group studies can help make studies feel less of a task, but rather a fun experience. You can obviously keep an eye on them while they are studying with their friends, but also give them some time to enjoy and relax.

6. Learn to Listen:

You should make sure that your child pays attention to what the teacher is teaching in the classroom. It is a good habit to discuss what they learned at school, once they are home. It can be a dinner table chat or a deep discussion. It is very important that they take down some notes, if they do not understand anything in specific. Teach your children to focus and maintain their concentration without getting too distracted. Once they learn the art of concentration and learn to collect their thoughts, they can better understand what the teachers are teaching and improve upon their mistakes. Inquire if they have problems understanding the concepts taught at school, if yes, discuss this with their teachers. This will help them in facing their problems head-first and tackle any obstacle.

These are some efficient studying habits that parents should teach their children to adopt. Don't teach them to rush, but rather organise their subjects in a way that it doesn’t seem like a burden. Students usually panic and perform badly in exams because they lack organisational skills.

Good study habits will not only increase the quality of your knowledge, but also teach you efficient ways to finish work on time. You do not have to sit for several hours to study. All you need is a peaceful place and one-two hours of dedicated time to studies. There are many people who are not able to perform well in their exams because they are not prepared for it.

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