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4 Effective Ways To Make Learning A Fun Activity

Students consistently support three key feelings: “tired,” “stressed” and “bored”, when they are asked about how they feel in their school. Experts say that “It's actually hard to concentrate and it's also hard to do well in schools, if the brain is constantly responding to a certain amount of stress,”

Sure, being a teacher is also hard, as there is a lot of pressure these days to make students learn much more in an interesting manner. But, if we want students to stay motivated and willingly engaged, then it is essential that learning is made fun for them. Here are four easy ways to get them interested in learning about new things:

Learning with Nalanda International School

1. Integrate Technology

When you are planning to incorporate technology into classroom instruction, students are definitely going to enjoy it. They usually play video games on their tablets or iPads when they are home. Children love technology, so to make learning fun, be sure to incorporate it in your schedule.

Few Ideas To Try:

  • A research project- Ask students to research using the Internet than a book.
  • Allow the students to play a game or hear an interesting story that correlates with their lesson.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation than indulging in long lectures.

2. A Fun Activity

There will be many times when you just cannot make a lesson fun. Or, some of the students may think it’s fun while other may feel it's boring. For times like these, you should follow it up with a little fun activity. For example, you need to teach lessons on body parts, some students may find that the topic is interesting, while others may not. So, as an interesting follow up activity, have students to create an illustration of the body parts. Or better yet, have them use clay to create a body part, just for fun and place it on their body at the exact spot. Your classroom students will find this hands-on learning activity fun and entertaining.

3. Allow Experiments

Science experiments are fun and a great way to keep all the students engaged in learning. Even the students who may not seem very interested in learning about science, will find conducting an experiment fun. Choose an easy experiment that the students can perform under little supervision, or with a classroom partner. Here are a few to try out.

4. A Nice Field Trip

If you ever get an opportunity to take your students out of the classroom, then grab that opportunity. The best way to engage school students and make learning fun for them, is to physically and visually show them. If you are doing a chapter on the local government, then you might want to take a field trip to your local government buildings like the court, post office and the like. If you are teaching students about farms and animals, you can take them on a field trip to a local farm near the city area. If the students are learning about magnificent dinosaurs, then you can take them to the science museum. Field trips allow students to connect closely with what they are learning in the class, with the outside world.

Nalanda International School believes in making learning interesting for children, so that they willingly learn about the latest inventions and historic events. Some of the lessons should be followed up with some kind of interesting game, to keep their mind and heart both involved in the lesson. When the parents ask- how was school? They can say it was fun and that they cannot wait to get up early, dress up for school and discover more every day.

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