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8 Ways Pre Schools Unravel The Creative Side Of Your Child

Majority of people assume that creativity is an inborn talent that their child is blessed with. Parents believe that all children are not equally creative. But in reality creativity is much more than an inborn talent, it is a skill parents can help their children develop.

The first step towards fostering creativity in your child is to select the best pre school for them. It is because pre schools practice creativity as their core skill. They are the best place to bring out the creative side of your child. This is because teachers understand that creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression – it is crucial for science, math and even social and emotional intelligence. They understand that creative children are better problem solvers, which makes them more adaptable to their surroundings. Pre Schools help them to adapt to the technological advancements and also to take advantage of new opportunities.

Many researchers prove that the experience of childhood has been fundamentally changed in such a way that it promotes the creative development of the child. Toy and entertainment companies feed children with an endless stream of characters, images, props and plot lines that allow a child to explore the creative possibilities. Here are 8 ways pre schools can foster creativity in your children.

They provide the resources needed for creative expression:

The most important resource for a child's creative development is time. They need quality time for unstructured, child-directed, imaginative play - that is supervised by adults. Space is another resource that the best pre school would definitely provide your child with. They provide a separate space for the students, where they can draw, paint and do other fun activities.

The teachers watch out for small moments of ignition:

It is not that easy to bring out the creative side of young children. It requires a whole lot of passion, motivation, persistence, and assistance. Teachers have been trained to provide all of these aspects to your little ones. Research has proven that when a child is motivated, the child's creative side can be deciphered. When a child's identity becomes intertwined with a goal, it triggers the child to pursue the goal and have a creative approach towards achieving it. Teachers instill tiny ideas in a child's head and that becomes the main reason for success. It is not just the genes or inborn ability that makes these children successful, it is actually the motivation from that tiny idea that enables them to be creative.

They help children learn from their mistakes:

When a child is growing, he or she is bound to make some mistakes. When children perform on the edge of their abilities, it is natural for them to make certain errors. Teachers will help the child in correcting these errors and they will also motivate them to be a better person. They know that mistakes are not verdicts, rather errors can be used as information to build fast and fluent skill circuits. Children who are able to see errors as a motivation to learn more, rather than setbacks are the ones who eventually turn out to be a genius.

They are patient with your child:

Teachers know that slow practice is productive practice. They enable youngsters to take their own time to learn a particular skill. The reason behind this is that when you go slow, you have the time to think over and fix the mistakes. This way the child can train better and increase their skills. Hence as a parent, you need to select the best pre school that consists of patient and skilled teachers who know how to bring out the best in your child.

They appreciate the child's effort:

Teachers always make it a point to appreciate even the smallest of efforts of the children. The main difference here is that they appreciate the effort and not natural ability. This is because when a child's intelligence or natural ability is praised, the child reacts by playing it safe and taking fewer risks. However, when a child's effort is praised, they become more inclined towards taking risks. They can make mistakes and learn from them. That is the basic essence of deep practice and learning.

They encourage mimicry:

Science has proven that copying is the neurological shortcut to skill. When a child vividly imagines himself or herself as somebody and imitates him or her properly, the child has actually perfected a skill. It could be anything from reading, writing, dancing or acting. The teachers encourage the child for their effort and in turn, your child gets motivated to do better the next time around.

They encourage idea generation:

The teachers provide the students with an environment that is relatively free of criticism. Their main aim in doing this is to identify and encourage any creative aspects of the ideas presented. They will also suggest a few different approaches to any ideas that may lack creativity. They praise the students for generating the ideas, irrespective of the fact whether the ideas are good or bad.

They teach them the importance of self-responsibility:

A very important part of fostering creativity in children is teaching them to take responsibility for both their success and failure. The teachers do this by teaching the students three important things. The first is they help them understand their creative process. Secondly, they teach them to take criticism in a positive manner. And lastly, they teach them to take pride in their best creative work. This also instills a feeling of self-confidence in the children, which is extremely important. Self-responsibility is important because creative children need to take responsibility for themselves as well as their ideas.

Now that you know how pre schools can help in bringing out the creative side of your child, it will not be very difficult for you to find the best pre school in Baroda. The best part about schools is that they emphasize on the process rather than the final result. Choose a pre school that has a creative approach towards teaching and make your little one a creative artist.

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