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33 Fun Activities To Do With Children This Summer

With summer vacations knocking at the door, parents are blessed with a task to spend some personal time with their children. While planning a perfect summer vacation can seem daunting to many, help from the school where your children are studying can prove very effective.

Nalanda International School aims at providing an atmosphere that promotes play and learn all year round. It is one of the renowned schools in Vadodara and is also well-recognised as one of the best ICSE schools in Vadodara.

This 7-minute read will shower upon parents 33 ideas that they can take resort to this summer to help their children learn while enjoying the vacation. Children can surely have a blast with these activities as these games, crafts, and projects are intriguing!

So, without further ado, here's our hand-picked list of vacation activities for children this summer.

  1. A Homemade Water wall

    A homemade water wall can fire up your whole backyard play space. Besides providing your toddlers and preschoolers with a cool space to play, this water wall can also make a great STEM activity. Here children can learn about gravity, angles and water flow. All you will need are some plastic sheets and duct tapes and ensure that the final product doesn't leak.

  2. Do A Puzzle Together

    Look for a puzzle according to the difficulty levels and your child's age group. This summer you can spend some quality time with your children solving puzzles and help them develop basic skills like shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, and patience which will help your child stay ahead of others in school.

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  3. Make A Solar Oven

    Teach your children the ins-and-outs of solar energy with this fun, easy, and most certainly a delicious project that uses the power of the sun to bake stuff. This experiment can bring fun for your children right at your doorstep and they may even get a chance to make their own pizza and melt some cheese on them.

  4. Frozen Paint Pops

    Making art with frozen paint pops can be one of the fun activities that you and your child can get involved in this summer. It's an easy and inexpensive art activity that requires you to just freeze some coloured water overnight. The pops are ready the next day for your children to have fun drawing and creating in the bright summer day with their coloured ice.

  5. Plant Trees

    Use the summer to teach gardening to your child. Tell them the benefits of tree plantation. Ask them to plant a tree and look after them every day. This way, they will contribute towards the environment and also pass on the legacy to newcomers providing them with a better and safe environment!

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  6. Teach Your Children About Weather With a Self-induced Tornado

    For this, all you will need is a tall jar, tap water, and dish soap.

    Now you can easily entertain and educate your children with this five-minute science project. With the tornado that you induce inside the jar, explain to your child how a tornado vortex is formed.

  7. Build DIY Paper Kites

    Teach your children to make DIY kites. Then take them out to a sunny spot on a breezy day. What can be a more perfect way to spend a summer day with your children and the kites!

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  8. Make Milk Carton Boats

    Take an old milk carton.

    Shape it in the fashion of a boat.

    Next, ask your child to test it by putting it in water. Ask your child to brainstorm and fix the boat to float in case the test results are negative.

  9. Sculpt Memories With Sunshine Clay

    This is a sunshine clay craft that will utilize the hours of sunlight and is the perfect pass time for the warm summer days. All you will need is a mixture of cornstarch, flour, and water. Now let your children sculpt any shape and design that they want to!

  10. Go For A Walk

    A late night walk or an early morning walk can be a fantastic activity for you and your children. The children can be free and spontaneous and the best thing is that you get to spend some quality time with them.

  11. Set Up A Toy Car Wash Station

    Use shaving cream and set up a frame where children can go messy and play with their hot-wheels. This is a common summer activity for children in western countries and they absolutely love to watch the track of their vehicles in the shaving cream, clean them and start again.

  12. Go On A Backyard Bug Hunt

    Create a basic checklist with the names of common bugs on them. Take your children out and teach them about the different types of bugs that you find on the way. Help them draw a sketch and spell out the names of these bugs.

  13. Try Your Hand At Juggling

    This activity can bring some circus fun. Let your children try juggling oranges, plastic balls, rolled up socks!

    This will keep them active and also develop their motor skills.

  14. Treasure Hunt

    Keep your children occupied for hours with a fun and educational indoor treasure hunt! Show the children an item and then hide it in a room. Provide certain tips and puzzles for them to solve and find it.

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  15. Set Up A Puppet Theater

    Employ the carboards at your home to incorporate a puppet theatre.

    Bring out the collection of all the fables and fairytales you have and spend some cherishing moments in this DIY puppet theatre.

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  16. Paint Rocks And Also Tell Them About Some Interesting Facts About Them

    If you are the one who has a lot of rocks around the house, then you can have fun this summer with your children going around and painting faces or designs on rocks. If you don't have enough rocks near you, then you can go collect some rocks at a landscaping store that carries smooth round unfinished river stones in bulk.

  17. Host An Outdoor Games Party

    Summer vacation is the time when your children would love to play and enjoy rather than getting indulged in reading books. So plan your child's birthday bash or just a regular block party - they will love to be a part of it.

  18. Weaving With Your Child

    A simple weaving activity with your child is something unusual and you must not have thought of. This will help your child in developing their fine-motor strength and hand-eye coordination.

  19. Take Your Child To The Market

    You don't have to necessarily take your child to a hill station or the beach to start discovering. A visit to the local market can be a fun outing for them as they will get to see different veggies and fruits that they draw and study at school.

  20. Dig For Fossils!

    Buy different things in boxes or old cardboards and have your children discover them. This may take some time but trust me, this is going to be a memorable experience for your child and will also teach them a lot of patience.

  21. Egg Drop

    Let your children come up with some innovative ways to secure and protect eggs when they drop from the window. Your child can brainstorm and will come up with various ideas that may even leave you flabbergasted.

  22. Feed Some Ducks

    If your child is a bird lover then he/she will surely love feeding the ducks.

    Take your child to a local pond or the zoo where they can feed some of them. You can go with scraps of bread or buy the food that the places allow to be fed to the ducks!

  23. Go Hiking

    Go for a beginner level trail and then after a few days go for an advanced one. Look for your nearby parks and see what each of them have to offer.

  24. Take A Trip To Your Local Beach

    Search for nearby lakes and beaches and make a day trip. Create some summer memories and don't forget to pack food.

  25. Run in the sprinkler

    The summers are going to be super hot and your child needs to maintain his/her cool. Set up some hose sprinklers and let your children beat some heat this summer.

  26. Teach Your Child How To Swim

    What can be a better season to learn swimming than summer? Take your child to the swimming pool and give them swimming lessons. Make them dive for objects or float around on a tube. Swimming is the ultimate summer activity for any age group.

  27. Take Your Child To A Movie

    Look for a movie to see together with your family. Book your tickets online and you will save some time and energy before entering the theatre. You can even go for a particular genre that is commonly liked at your home.

  28. Go On A Nature Hunt

    Pack your binoculars and take your children nature hunting. Show them some sceneries and make sure that they take home a bundle of ideas for the next drawing class.

  29. A Nature Collage

    Create a nature collage from some cool pictures in the yard, garden, and nearby surroundings.

  30. Go Cycling

    Take your child on a cycling trail to any nearby location. This is a good exercise for them as well as for you too.

  31. A Visit To Grandparents’ Home

    Take your child to their grandparents home and let them spend some valuable time with the older generation. They can learn from them about life when they were young and listen to stories that even you won't have heard.

  32. Visit A Museum

    You can take your child to a museum and let them discover some academic information and historical love.

  33. Visit An Amusement Park

    An amusement park is a fun way to have a learning experience about physical aspects like acceleration, gravitational force and various laws of motion.

You can try these 33 ways and help your child with the "What I Did In My Vacation" essay they are made to write when they are back to their ICSE schools.

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