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Good Manners Are Assets That Never Go Out Of Style

good manners never go out of style Your personality is an asset that you carry for the rest of your lives. Inculcating good manners from a very young age is crucial. Parents and educators have a big role in teaching manners to children. Manners should be taught in the early years and continue till the late teens. Children learn from their elders, hence practice what you preach. Being a good role model to your child, is the first step in moulding a young mind.

If your child does not exhibit the manners that you wish to see, then you need to check your own behaviour in order to ensure that you are exhibiting the behaviour that you want your children to exhibit. You need to keep promoting the importance of good manners, especially among teenagers since they are going through an extremely gullible and confusing phase. It's important to keep a check on your teen's behaviour and encourage them to act responsibly and treat people with respect at all times.

Relationship With Parents & Elders

Showing respect has been a problem for teenagers. Honouring is to show respect by words, attitude and body language. It is one of the most important lessons for teenagers. Insist that your teenager address you properly, at a reasonable tone, not shout even when they are extremely angry and also practice the same with them. Teach them to take responsibility for their behaviour and accept all the consequences of their misbehaviour and disobedience. Teach them to apologise for any infraction.

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Relationship With Siblings

Siblings can get on your teenager’s nerve, but that doesn’t give them the licence to be rude or unkind. Teach your teen to treat others as they want to be treated. Children should apologise to others when they have done or said something wrong and use the right words to do so. They should make it a point to respect their property in the same way they would want others to respect their things. Teach them to cooperate with their siblings and also assists in their care. Younger sibling always look upon their elder ones, so a good role model is what they must strive to be.

General Manners

Make sure that your teenager uses the same manners outside the house as the ones they use when they are at home. Manners include speaking respectfully and listening to everyone. Teach them to be honest and courteous and behave responsibly when they are out alone with their friends. If you don’t allow cursing, unkind harsh words at home, there is high chance that they won't do it outside either.

Some manners that you teach your teenagers make them a good and joyful company to hang out with. These few and simple acts of courtesy can smooth out many relationship bumps in their life. Teach your children to give their seat to an older adult or a mother with a baby. Teach them to hold the door for someone who has their hands full. They should learn to say, “please” and “thank you” and learn to respect people in general.

If you are looking for a school where manners are taught at all levels, then Nalanda International School, Vadodara, is the best choice for your child. The school believes in teaching students good behaviour and humility in theory and practice.

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