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At Nalanda International School, we believe in keeping our parent fraternity informed about the ‘Happenings’ of the school in all sections. A typical day at Nalanda International School is abuzz with a multitude of interesting activities along with regular academics. Each day, in each section, at Nalanda International School, we have a variety of things that our students do which eventually supplements their classroom learning. Each and every additional activity at Nalanda International School Baroda, that our students do or competitions that our students participate in, or the talks and discussions that students witness which are delivered by our resource persons, and the enrichment programmes that our educators attend to hone their competencies in their respective subjects, are mentioned in detail in our newsletter so that our parents stay connected with us, helping us to be one the best ICSE schools in Baroda. On the first day of every month we give each and every student of ours a copy of the newsletter – absolutely free of cost – so that our parents know of what activities took place in the section – specifically in their child’s section and feel connected with the school. This newsletter is a document which also in a nutshell briefs the parents of the upcoming events and the important announcements for the subsequent month.


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