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Newspapers: Discover And Learn About The World Around You

Staying updated about the current affairs and the happenings around the world is important for a child. Awareness about the society they live in and knowledge about various events will make them more confident and well-aware Newspapers are a great way to introduce children to the world beyond the school compound. Newspapers ignite new thought in a child's head and experts advise parents to motivate their children to read the newspaper every day.

Teachers should use newspapers in classrooms and share a brief on the current news and information to educate the children. There are a lot of new mediums for spreading news but, there is no better record of the world's events than an elaborately written and printed newspaper.

Newspapers are often known as living text books, the information or the text in these papers keep changing with the current situations and therefore it is an interesting way to learn about the world. It is a fact that children develop critical thinking when they read newspapers on a regular basis. Activities that involve newspapers, improve a child's skills in both reading and writing. Here are a few activities that will help boost their critical thinking:

Class Activity

Request the students to select any article from the newspaper and then ask them to read it out loud in front of the class. Apart from this, ask them to look at a picture in the newspaper and list down 5 things they recognise. Since there are many words on the newspaper that might sound alien or intriguing to a child, motivate them to use a dictionary and find out the meaning. Ask the class to list down every work they did not understand and collectively discuss and explain it to the class.

A Balanced Perspective

Most of the times, the newspapers are flooded with horrid, sad and demotivating news. Children have very impressionable minds, which is why it is important to have a balanced attitude towards the news shared. Try to share both positive and negative news and educate them about right and wrong. Make them find the positive news and ask the children to read it write a brief of what they understood from the article. Educate them about the world and how to deal with upsetting matters.

Sports Education

The sport section is not just meant for sport aficionados, it can be great to teach children the importance of winning and losing. Ask the children to read the sports news and encourage them to share their views on the losing team and how they would deal with failure in such circumstances. Ask them to write down encouraging words to the losing team to teach them that losing is okay and completely acceptable. Teach the children to win but also teach them to respect the ones who lost.

Visual Stories

Ask the students to choose their favourite pictures from the paper and use it to tell a short story to the class using all the elements present in the photo. Narrating stories by looking at a picture is a great task that will help boost a child’s visualisation power and their story telling capacity. Photographs in newspapers are vivid and they have their own stories, so it would be interesting to see the different perspectives of children.

These are some of the activities that students can indulge in and learn from. Teach children to make newspaper reading a routine so that they can develop the good habit of learning new things.

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