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9 Ways To Get A Child Excited About Learning

Let's be honest, the prospect of sitting down and studying is not the most exciting concept for a child. You might end up frustrated trying to convince students to get excited about learning. Whether you enroll them in a good school or push them to take risks, it's essential to pump up their enthusiasm naturally.

Every child is unique, but the curriculum cannot be customised according to each student. The best alternative is collaborating with these young minds to find a middle ground, without pushing them out of their comfort zone. Here are some effective ways to get a child excited about learning.

Set a Healthy Habit:

Children can only make learning a habit when it becomes a norm. Make a daily schedule to read and learn in innovative ways. Most good schools know how to get students excited about a subject without boring them. Parents too can motivate their wards to read every day. It doesn't have to be a curriculum book, anything from fiction to short stories will work. Once reading and learning become part of their routine, learning automatically becomes exciting. Reading is crucial to learning, so read stories to children in a fun and engaging manner rather than simply narrating it to them.

The Reward-Based System:

There is no denying that bribery always works with children. We are not advising you to spoil your little ones, but rather create an exciting reward-based learning experience. You don't need an elaborate reward or bribe system, it can be as small as a candy bar. If luring them with sweets is not something that interests you, how about setting some time aside for them to pursue their hobbies and interests. On days they show extra effort or enthusiasm, you can offer 15 minutes extra on video games or even more playtime.

Get Them To Focus:

Let's face it, children have a very low attention span, so getting them to focus can be tricky. Even good schools struggle to get little ones to focus when they are teaching in a class, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Young minds always wander, so you need to figure out an effective strategy to get them to focus and respond when they are studying. Keep any distractions away from the child when they are learning. Create a cohesive environment for them to discover and grow. Switch off the TV, phones and other gadgets, and sit down for a learning adventure.

Find their Interests:

Do you remember hating Maths or Social Studies when you were a child? Well, the children today are no different. Every child has subjects that they really like and ones that they loathe. Sit your ward down and discuss what subjects they like and what subjects they don't. Find out what gets them going and how to tap into their interests. You can easily get a child interested in a subject if you talk to them in a language they understand. Do not force down the information and knowledge down their throat, instead get them excited about the prospects of learning.

Exciting Games and Activities:

Studying should never be the only activity that a child indulges in, breaks are equally required. There are several educational and learning games and activities that good schools offer for the development of their students. Parents can easily invest in online educational games and educational rhymes to get the child excited about learning. According to research, music and games have an extremely positive impact on a child's mind. So, make sure to set some time aside for them to relax and enjoy learning in a fun manner.

Learning Beyond Textbooks:

Learning should never be stifling or limiting, there are no set benchmarks when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Parents and teachers need to step beyond the curriculum and teach children that there are other sources of education and knowledge too. Indulge in activities where they can apply their theoretical knowledge, like maths and science. Conduct experiment sin safe environment to learn by showing and not just reading.

Set Effective Goals:

Nothing will work if you do not set certain goals. Teach your children to set short-term as well as long-term goals. Do not pressure them to follow these goals and set rigid deadlines. Figure out what is comfortable for your child and help them set a timetable they can easily follow. Create to-do lists to make good use of the time and make it as productive as possible. When they achieve certain goals, they will feel a sense of achievement. This is something that most good schools implement for their students.

The Bedtime Ritual:

Bedtime stories are great fun and can be used to teach children while keeping the activity fun. Find fun yet educational books that teach good morals to young minds. Make it a rule to read a book to them every day. Turn yourself into a character in the book and enact the tale to pique their interests. Make them read the book out loud and clear any doubts or queries that might pop up. To make it even more fun, you can create a small skit to reenact the story to make it more interactive and fun.

Don't Forget the Compliments:

Children are naive yet smart, they constantly crave love and attention. If your ward has spent time studying and learning, make sure to compliment their efforts and wins. A simple appreciation can go a long way. Make them feel that their work is appreciated and that learning is more about acquiring knowledge and less about getting a high rank.

These are some of the ways to get a child excited and thrilled about learning. Enroling your children in a good school in Vadodara is a given, but parents definitely need to step up and take initiative to ensure that they get the best education. Learning done the right way is never a boring concept!

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