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Provide a Lending Hand to Your Child to Succeed in School: 10 Interesting Ways

Children need their parents at all stages of their life.

For most of us, even today, when we’re 50 years of age and feel low, or need help, the first people we think of are our parents.

If this holds as adults, our children, as young as 2 years would need their parents, to prepare them for the best and the worst, right?

So here we are, reading an article about how parents can help their children succeed in school, and prepare them for the greater battles in life.

According to research, how children perform in school is directly related to how they are treated at home, and how much support they get. A happy and stable home environment can do wonders for a child’s mental health.

It is said that for a child, parents are the first teachers, and they remain a teacher for life. Supporting children in all their endeavours is necessary, and in situations where you or your child may be feeling low keep a positive attitude towards life, and things shall get better.

  1. Check the School Website: Most of the best schools in Gujarat would have a website to their name, that contains all the essential details. Information related to the staff, upcoming events, school layout, etc. will be mentioned on the website. These should be referred to, to make conversation with your child. Making them feel like you are involved in their life, and know about their routine, would make them feel appreciated. This would teach them sympathy that will stay as they grow up.

  2. The Importance of Organization: It is a must that parents teach their children the importance of living an organized and structured life. Rather than wasting time looking for misplaced objects, finding them at a designated place would mean more time to fit in constructive work or play into their daily schedule. At a young age, children should be asked to keep their assignments in line, their stationery on the desk or drawers, and to have a neat and tidy school bag, where everything is visible.

  3. Teach them that Homework Helps: Teachers at the best school in Gujarat understand, and suggest that children should study at home and concentrate on their homework as it helps them remember and practice what they’ve learned in school. Depending on how old your child is, you must make it a rule to study for at least 10 minutes, increasing the time, gradually to 40 minutes or an hour. Keep in mind that this activity can become a quality bonding time if you were to help your child by providing guidance and reviews for the same.

  4. Prepare at an Early Stage: It has been observed that children who are taught to read and write at a basic level before they attend school to receive a formal education, do better at school in general. Along with that, if they have been trained to sleep at a pre-decided time, learned how to focus on a given task, and appropriately manage their time, may perform better in their academic life. Teachers are known to break down tough concepts so children can understand them better. If these concepts have been introduced to them beforehand, children might feel comfortable learning and gaining more information about the same.

  5. Attend all Meetings: The best schools in Gujarat organize regular parent-teacher meetings to keep the parents updated on how their child is doing. Teachers try to keep the parents as involved in academic life as possible to make sure that the child gets the appropriate type of help at home. Few teachers might even take personal care for your child if they are requested and feel like you, as a parent, are genuinely concerned with their studies.

  6. Check on All the Disciplinary Policies: Schools today have strict policies related to the behaviour of children during their time in school. These are also known as the school’s code of conduct, and it is mandatory for children to follow them. These rules have been designed to make sure that children learn how to behave themselves and meet the expectations of the world they will be facing as grownups. For children to know about these rules, and learn the importance that they hold, parents must sit their children down and explain that every action has a reaction and consequences, especially if the study at the best school in Gujarat.

  7. Regularity is Crucial: Children need to understand that being regular to school will help them. Being tired or bored is not a good enough reason to skip a day of school. Unless children are feeling under the weather, nauseated, losing their appetite, being clingy or cranky, they should be asked to be strong and overcome the pain to have a nice day at school. At times, the morning routine becomes too much for children, making them feel lethargic, but as soon as they meet their friends at school and start the learning process, they feel better. This is what they must understand as well.

  8. Encourage Conversation: Parents must understand that they should talk to their children about their routine in school, their academics, and how they like or don’t like going to school, amongst various other things. Start an open conversation with your children so they can speak of everything on their mind. In the busy lives that today’s parents live, it might be easy to forget to check on children, which might affect their performance in spite of being in the best school in Gujarat and their personal life in the future as well. You must develop a habit within children to listen carefully and respond with a sound mind.

  9. You can learn more about how talking about things can help your child in developing their emotional intelligence and vocabulary, right here.

  10. Become an Active Participant: When children are young, parents are encouraged to become a part of their lives, when it comes to school activities. There may be instances where, initially, your child might be embarrassed by your presence in the school. Here, you may take a more subtle approach and get involved slowly, with behind the scenes help. You may start by attending annual concerts and sports days, and then easing into regular activities that the school organizes. Schools encourage parents to come in and participate by taking guest lectures as well, on various topics, such as picking a career, or plan class parties.

  11. Preparation is the Key: Children should be taught from the very beginning that no matter what situation they are faced with, they should be prepared to deal with it. The same thing stands true when it comes to tests and exams. Explain to them that the results of these tests don’t matter as much as the effort and time invested in understanding concepts and learning new things is far more important. Studying for a test the night before may lead to a broken down confidence. You may begin to develop habits of preparing beforehand.

  12. There are various ways in which parents can make sure that their children succeed in the best school in Gujarat and later in life. It is only if you take your child’s life seriously and work towards building them, will they understand the importance of doing so for themselves.

    Schooling is extremely crucial for children in multiple ways, for developing their minds and emotional capacity. Parents must, at all times, make an effort to stay informed as to what their child is doing in school.

    Children become smarter as they grow, their education and support from family members make them into better human beings.

    One of the best things that parents can do for their children is to teach them about eye contact. It is a great trait to start learning at a young age as it would help them during their school years and in their professional life.

    Constant encouragement will help them gain the confidence to become independent and realize that they are making their parents proud.

    At Nalanda International School, Baroda, we encourage children to develop and maintain good values, ethics, punctuality and provide the means for holistic development. Since we have a strict ‘no tuition’ policy our students are left with a lot of time on hand that can be utilized for various activities.

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