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Reignite the Love for Learning and Education in A Fun Manner

Children ask the most innocent and inquisitive questions. From adorable questions about the colour of the sky to questioning the existence and use of everything around, their imagination is vast. Children love to inquire and investigate about everything they see and experience.

There is a unique drive in humans to gather information about the world that they are living in. They make successful choices, interpretations, predictions or the right decisions when they face new challenges. Children must learn to look at school as a place to discover information that will help to unlock the amazing wonders of the world.

For many children the interest for learning tends to drain away over the years at school. The last decade or so has seen a dipping interest in education and learning among students who are just going through the motions. What disconnects the children from learning? They are born in a technological era with constant upgrade in amounts of information and knowledge.

But you can definitely rekindle your child’s inquisitiveness to learn and acquire knowledge through the right context, approach and application. Teachers from the best school believe that when interests in children are reignited, motivation, perseverance and effort will also be restored.

Stimulate Interests

To boost the interest of children in class, you need to increase their curiosity about the topics taught. Try to stimulate the curiosity in a child about all the school topics by linking them to the daily discussions and personal relations. By doing this, their brains will be attentive since curiosity makes the brain alert to inculcate the information that helps answer all their questions or get them closer to finding the right answer.

Learning That's Relevant

The first thing you need to do is try to create a bridge between their lives and the classroom. Relevance with their life will help to develop more curiosity about the topic that is taught in the classroom. Connect them to their family history, geography, and literature, reminders of places that they have been to and all the people they know. When you plan on helping your child link the new learning to their memories, you increase their personal interest through a relevance, but you also indirectly increase the durability of their stored memories. Teachers from top schools suggest that parents should encourage children to ask questions and doubts about their experiences.

Think Beyond Homework

When children lose interest in what they are learning, the first thing you do is try to merge their favourite activity with a particular subject. Use it as an opportunity to represent the information, concept, vocabulary, or a particular procedure in fun ways. The “translations” of learning new things through new and unique presentations are particularly effective for building a durable memory.

Here are a few fun ways to represent learning:

Art representations:This is done with the help of pictures, diagrams and photographs.

Visualisation:This is done by asking them to visualise all the things that are funny or exaggerated representations of everything that they should learn or the events that they read in books.

Physical movements:This can be done with the help of short skits, drama on the stage, pantomime, puppet shows. You can also make them identify the right shape out of many through a fun and active game.

Manipulations: This is to build skills that are important for literacy and numeracy. Activities that involve lego and blocks, alphabetical letters on boards, writing words on the blackboards, etc.

These are a few points that can help reignite the interest of going to school and learning new things. You cannot force your child to develop interest in a particular thing, but you can merge their favourite activity to learning and show them that learning is a fun thing to do. Try to instil a little curiosity and teach them to read more books and play outdoor and indoor activities to develop their mental and physical strength at the same time.

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