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Fast- Forward To The Future: Top 4 Trends That Will Revolutionise The Education Sector

Digital learning with Nalanada International Schoo The future of education is fast changing, especially with the help of technology. With proper infrastructure, trained teachers and the support of technology, quality education is not a dream any more. In this age of technological boom, digital is the way to go. Educational reform is only possible if we prepare our students for the global world.

With graduates landing prestigious jobs abroad and geniuses like Sundar Pichai ruling the online domain, India is now part of a global revolution. The world as we know it, has transformed in just under a decade, evolving on the wings of digital innovations around the world.

There is no denying that technology is all set to change the way we look at education. There has been a steady rise in the sales of swanky gadgets like laptops, iPads and smart-phones along with other digital technologies. India is steadily getting tech-savvy and there is no stopping this boom.

The various type of modern gadgets have brought in a very significant change in the entire education sector. These technologies have managed to uncover a world of opportunities for students in the country. And because of this amazing technological boom, students find it extremely easy to access different educational resources by experts online, with just one click.

Technology has swooped into the Indian education system, supporting the 'Digital India’ initiative to a great extent. The popularity of technology use in education is steadily growing and has made a strong mark on the education sector. Let's look at some future-forward trends that are all set to bring in a new digital India to the forefront.

1. Digital Learning:

One of the biggest benefit of digital learning is the ability to provide experiences that are tailor-made for students. It is a known fact that students thrive when presented with customised solution for their specific needs. Today, more schools across the country are increasingly embracing digital learning to enhance the learning process. The trend of digital learning is not just confined to the metro cities but has now also entered rural India. From interactive whiteboard sessions, animation and fascinating quality content, you can achieve so much using an array of digital teaching and learning tools.

2. Mobile learning:

According to a report, the penetration of mobile learning is around 7 per cent to12 per cent in India, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Mobile learning is growing because of factors like high portability, low price, small size, adaptable technology and the increasing usage throughout the nation. Because of the increase in children using smartphones to surf the internet, most of the educational and informative websites for children have mobile-friendly versions now. Not to mention benefits like free Wi-Fi facility in many school campuses help students attain more knowledge on the go. Schools can take advantage of this technology to spread knowledge in a more innovative manner.

3. Interactive Self-Assessment:

Interactive self-assessment is the modern take on traditional multiple choice tests. This technology uses visuals and other dynamic means like audio to enhance the testing process. Students can take digital tests that offers them instant feedback to know where they stand. Many educational institutions are designing interactive self-assessment solutions for the students today. These solution comprises of several academic papers that are easily accessible. Students can effectively evaluate their performance without anyone’s help and work on the areas that need improvement accordingly.

4. Online Educational Forums:

Online forums have been used in a wide range of higher education setting to provide major learning environments to supplement face-to-face discussion. It is one of the primary tools of electronic learning in many institutions. Forums are gaining a lot of prominence as a potent educational technology medium. They help facilitate close collaboration between the students and their teachers. The students can easily connect with their respective teachers and have an opportunity to discuss various subjects and topics. Students can also share and exchange their ideas with their peers and gain a better understanding of all the subjects and topics.

These technologies are taking over the world now and making learning easy for the students. It is important that people start to adopt new techniques and expand their vision beyond their limited resources.

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