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Schools in Baroda Know How to Keep Your Child Entertained During Summer Vacations

The school in which your child studies matters a lot. Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the style and method of teaching and learning. If you want your child to develop a wholesome personality then you need to choose a school that believes in the overall development of the child, not just academics. Most of the parents research a lot before enrolling their child in a school. Of course, why shouldn’t you? Your child deserves to be in one of the best schools in Baroda.

In India, the conventional teaching method is now becoming obsolete. Newer tools are gaining popularity because these methods are researched well and are known to bring about a positive change in the overall personality of a child. Most of the schools have the latest tools and equipment that can provide a good environment to children so that they can learn all their lessons in a better and efficient manner. Most of the students who don’t get the right schooling at the right age are unable to cope up with competition later in life. Thus, when you are looking for a school for your child, take care of all the aspects to ensure that your child gets admission in a good school, which has the right attitude towards education.

With so many options of schools in Baroda, it is certainly a challenge to find the school which will be the best for the future of your child. As most of the schools have their respective websites, you can go through the different services that are offered by different schools to understand which school will be able to groom your child in the best manner. However, an actual visit to the school accompanied with a guided tour of the facilities can really give you good insights about the school. The right schooling not only provides your child the right way of learning, but it also makes your child confident enough to take on challenges and have a positive outlook towards life.

Academics play a huge role in the life of a child, and the initial years are really crucial. You should opt for a school that offers all the facilities for the purpose of providing a good environment to study and building personality of the children.

As summer vacations are for nearly 1.5 to 2 months, rather than wasting this precious time, you should keep your child engaged in something that will bring some positive changes in his/her life along with utilizing the summer vacation time in a better way. The main idea behind choosing summer vacation activity is to provide an atmosphere to your child where he/she can explore new and exciting things.

There are many activities that are provided by different schools at the time of summer vacations. You can look for a school that has a good playground along with the activities such as painting, kitchen garden, aesthetics, dancing, and more. Such activities help in keeping the children busy in summer and that too in a productive manner.

Summer camps give you the option of making your child have some fun while doing the things he/she wants. Thus, summer vacations can be productive once you enroll your child in summer activities/camp.

Things to consider while choosing summer activities for your child

Interests of your child:

If you want your child to learn something substantial during the vacations, then it is a must to consider the interests of your child while picking up any summer vacation activity. You should enroll your child in a course where he/she can enjoy as well as learn.

Art & Craft:

If you want your child to be engrossed in something productive, rather than sitting idle at home or watch TV or play on gadgets, the best option to choose is art and craft. This is certainly a good way to keep your child engrossed in something that he/she is passionate about.


Baseball, football and other sports are also good to consider as such activities not only keep your child busy, but they are also great help in improving physical strength of your child. There are various sports that are provided by different schools at the time of summer vacation, you can select the one that suits your child the best.

Learning Activities:

If you want your child to learn something that will help him to develop his/her mental capacity, then it is certainly a good idea to get him/her enrolled in Abacus and Vedic Math. Such activities make your child learn a lot and use their mind in a fun way.

Nalanda International School, one of the best schools in Baroda has world class infrastructure along with many other facilities that ensure overall development of the child. You can get in touch with them to get more information about the school but ensure you make a visit to the school to really understand what the school offers.

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