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Sports & Character Development: A Beautiful Amalgamation

Playing sports is essential not just for your body, but it is also beneficial for your intellect and emotions. Therefore, it's important to participate in a team sport, since it can develop good character. You will learn all about how a team works, develop discipline, and not to forget that it's a great exercise for both your body and brain.

A team is all about the unity within itself and with the coach. Not one team member can afford to be selfish. If you make a mistake to think with a selfish mind, you are taking the entire team down along with you. When this happens, the whole team spirit drops to a great extent. Avoid selfishness, you need to play fair, setting one definite goal and that is to stick together and play your role efficiently in order to “Win”.

Sports at Nalanda School, Vadodara

Everyone is playing for each other in there, so encouraging each other if someone makes a mistake is crucial. This is important, since only the team can bring the team’s confidence up. When the team is facing difficulty within themselves, they can always talk to the coach regarding the same. The coach is always there to strengthen all the players that are part of the team and if the team makes efforts to unite with the coach, there will be a positive impact. This is one of the best ways to develop good character within yourself.

There are going to be times when your team will win or lose. However, whenever your team wins, you should celebrate and share your joy and happiness with team members, the coach, friends as well as loved ones. When you lose, don't be frustrated and blame other team mates. By pointing fingers at your team-mates, you are just bringing your team down and spreading a lot of negativity.

Instead, figure out all the mistakes that you made and try not to repeat it. You need to fix your mistakes and devote yourself to the team, to experience real success. By doing this, everyone will see you as a role model and eventually will also devote themselves to the team. If this happens, you are actually developing your team’s and your discipline together.

Whether it is a team sport or even an individual sport, it helps to release stress and also keep your mental health in great shape. Just by playing sports and tiring yourself, you get enough oxygen in your lungs and also in the blood, which then helps your brain become healthy and your intellect and emotions stay in good shape.

Playing team sports might not really be possible and it may not develop any good character if you get influenced by people who think that playing sports is a waste of time. It is understandably difficult to deal with people who believe playing sports is wasting time, especially when they force you to see their perspective. But they are wrong in thinking that. When you plan on playing team sports, you can gain confidence, develop character and create strong bonds.

Nalanda School, Vadodara, believes that by understanding the whole concept of what a team is all about, developing discipline, and keeping the body and mental health in great shape, you can develop an excellent character. Things like not blaming others and encouraging the team members should also be applied to day to day life, that’s the whole purpose of playing sports. It's important to learn from sports and apply these teachings in your life. Apply the sportsmanship in your life, it's okay to lose or fail but never give up till the time is up.

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