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Success Has No Gender: Girls Today Are A Force To Reckon With

Women have constantly struggled to fight and overcome societal pressures and norms that prohibited them from chasing after their dreams. India has come a long way in terms of woman empowerment and education, but there is still a long way to go. Today, girls are achieving great feats alongside boys, thanks to the power of education. A well-educated girl will be an independent individual, who can support her family and take care of her needs.

There is a very profound saying: "When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family." This saying holds a lot of meaning. When you teach a woman, she will go on to teach her kids and promote equality among her family. Educating girls will give them the strength to stand up for themselves and fight any injustice thrown at them by the society.

An educated woman faces the world with immense self confidence, impressive skills and a great understanding on how the society functions. She can survive on her own and prove to the world that she is as capable as any other man on this earth. Today, a woman is not offered a job just based on her appearance, but rather for her talent and dedication.

From representing our country internationally to fighting wars for our country, women are heading towards progress at great speed. In the recent Olympics, three extraordinary women, Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, made the country proud by giving a stellar performance and winning medals. This definitely motivated little girls across the country to work hard to attain success and fame just like their idols.

A school offers comprehensive grooming, where the natural talents of the students are promoted and polished. Girls who are educated can not only get better jobs, but can also find better ways to work things out without wasting any resources. Today, we have schools in almost every state, city and village, to reach every bright star of the future in the country. The world has experienced a drastic change and it is important to keep up with the constant development. Instead of stifling the growth of children, it's important to motivate them to explore different fields to find their right fit. Abandon the thought of restricting your daughters from achieving something that will help them build a bright and successful future.

It's important to know that girls are not inferior to boys and with the right motivation and support, they can achieve great feats. If anything, they get more diligent, consistent, hard-working, patient and won't back down in proving herself in any situation, whether she is in the military or in the kitchen. Just as much as a boy has the right to choose his career, a girl has equal rights to explore her options and choose her future. Let her make the choice for her life and her career. Educate her properly and teach her to make her own decisions, so she can live an independent life.

Today, India has evolved to become a country that saw Pratibha Patil, the first female president, inspire thousands of women across the country. Talented women like Ekta Kapoor, the lady behind some of the most successful television serials and movies, have left an authoritative mark in the entertainment industry. She showed us that a girl can have strong roles in the industry and are not just meant to look good on-screen. There are several other women who have made a strong impact on this country's women.

There are thousands of women today who are an inspiration to the young minds, not just for girls. Parents should teach their children self-sufficiency and motivate them to make an effort to find their talent and skills. Educating girls is just the first step to achieving gender equality and uncovering hidden talented gems across the country. Pick the right school for your little girl, to give her the push she requires to dream big and achieve big.

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