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Teacher-Student Relationship: Mould Young Minds To Bring Out The Best In Them

Teachers play an important role in the life of students throughout their schooling and beyond. Although teacher-student relationships are given special importance in schools, teachers have the opportunity to influence a students' academic and social development at any level of schooling.

There are a lot of factors that crop up in your mind when you think about sending your child to school. Parents are constantly worried and sceptical about what their children learn at school. Most children come from nuclear families and do not have a lot of people they can learn new concepts from or look up to. Apart from the knowledge gained in English medium schools, students also need people they can talk to and rely on.

A comfortable and lasting relationship with teachers has positive and important impacts on both the students' academic as well as social development. Simply working on a student's relationship with their teachers on the surface wont do. It's essential for students to have a close, positive and supportive relationship with their teachers. This helps them attain a greater sense of achievement and also teaches them to manoeuvre through the different emotions and challenges they face.

A teacher plays a huge role in a child's life, because they spend a large chunk of their day with them. It is essential that the equation between students and teachers remain transparent. Children cannot share their emotions freely with everyone. So, it's important to create a safe environment for them where they can discuss anything and everything.

If teachers have an "I don't care" attitude towards students, this will prevent the children from creating a deep bond with their teachers. The relationship of a teacher and student goes beyond that of an educator and a learner.

Essential Steps That Teachers Need To Take To Make A Difference:

Build A Positive Space

Yelling and shouting on the students might have worked decades ago, but it is definitely not recommended today. Today, children have a rebellious streak and putting undue pressure on them is not the best decision. It's important to create a positive environment for students to motivate them to perform well. It is important to understand that every student has a unique personality and teachers need to coax students to share their feelings in a polite and positive manner. One way to create a positive environment is by encouraging the creative side of students which can be brought forth through competitions, tests, debates, quizzes and other such activities in English medium schools.

Indulge An Inquisitive Mind

Children are inquisitive and bubbling with questions about everything under the sun. There was a time when students were not permitted to ask questions and share their opinions in the class. For students to develop confidence and attain comprehensive knowledge, it's essential to offer them a platform to openly dissect their academic doubts and queries. Teachers must keep the classroom communication open and engaging. Whether it's a vernacular medium school or an English medium school, it's crucial to have a student-centered approach. Students may bombard teachers with questions that might seem elementary, but these questions still need to be answered. Teach students the importance of embracing failure and motivate them to learn from their mistakes to attain success.

Emotions Are Okay

Children have a very delicate and impressionable psyche. It is okay to be expressive, and expressing your emotional side is acceptable in a safe space. This comfort zone needs to be developed by teachers, so that students do not feel embarrassed in expressing their emotions freely. To forgive and forget is something that children need to be taught early on in their life. Since children adopt good teachings when they are young, it is an ideal time to inculcate manners and good practices.

These are some of the steps you can take to create a friendly and safe environment for students. Children should be treated with love and care, and their needs must be fulfilled. Let students ask their questions and learn by stumbling every now and then. Push them to embrace every failure and cherish every win.

Choosing a good school can have a massive influence on a child's mind and teachers have a key responsibility in their hands. Seek for overall development rather than just fixating on academic excellence. Parents have to invest their time in carrying out a lengthy process of research to scout for good English medium schools in Vadodara. It's important to invest in your child's future by guaranteeing a good education today!

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