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The Perfect School Campus: The Importance of Having a Good School Infrastructure

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Any place can be good to read and learn for those who love to read and study. For them, knowledge is immaterial, the space does not matter, and physical context is secondary. However, if we look at this in the reality of educational systems, the conditions of the schools directly impacts the performance of the students.

The location of a school has an enormous significance, and it should be set up in a suitable atmosphere. It should be far away from the noises and the polluting atmosphere where the child can easily absorb what is being taught in school. The ambience should be calm, spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually appealing landscape. The school should have enough lighting, useful facilities such as libraries, toilets, playground, sinks, multipurpose rooms, work areas, lockers, storage spaces, teachers, administration, etc.

Some of the things you need to look into while selecting a good school in Vadodara for your child. These are key elements that comprise of a school's infrastructure:

  • School Building:

    The building should be spacious, well planned with good architectural features. There should be good ventilation in all the classrooms along with facilities like fans, lights, benches, chairs, backboard, etc. There should also be facilities such as laboratories, art and crafts workshops, multimedia room, school office, theatre and many more.

  • Classrooms:

    The backbone of any school’s infrastructure is the classroom. There should be adequate classrooms and it should look pleasant with good painting and decorations. The front wall should have an appropriate blackboard. The wall should have built in cupboards for keeping books and others important things.

  • Library:

    It plays an important part in the learning process of the school as it’s a counterpart of the schools infrastructure. It should be located in a place where it’s quiet and calm with a soothing ambience for the students to concentrate better.

  • Importance of a Good School Infrastructure:

    A good school infrastructure with good spaces makes it a good place for the children to study. The impact of educational spaces on the students set out to identify empirical well-being of students in schools. It makes it interesting and gets the children motivated to come to school, this in turn improve the attendance and interest of students in learning. Thus, it’s important for schools to have good infrastructure to improve the performance of the students and improving the school’s system. A good school infrastructure is important, but at the same time, it should also have emphasis on a child friendly ambience, and activity and value based learning.

  • nalanda school infrastructure

  • The impact of infrastructure on educational quality:

    It’s important to invest and spend in order to improve the school infrastructure as the infrastructure is known to affect the educational quality in the following ways:

  • Attendance and completion of education:

    There are many school drop-outs due to the kind of teaching and facilities of the school According to many studies, it has been found that the physical conditions of school buildings positively affects school completion and the interest of the students.

  • Teacher motivation:

    Due to many schools not having the right infrastructure, there’s evidence that indicate teachers in schools with good infrastructure have on average 10 percent less absenteeism than teachers in schools with deficient infrastructure. In fact, the study found that infrastructure had a greater effect reducing absenteeism than teacher salaries or the effect of the administrative tolerance for absences.

    If you are looking for some of the good schools in Vadodara, Nalanda International School would be the best option for your child. Nalanda International School offers a beautiful infrastructure and a curriculum that meets high academic standards. The lush green landscape is beautiful amidst the bell on the bell tower which is rung every day to mark the beginning and the end of school.

    Nalanda International School believes that parents can significantly contribute to the development of the children and the school on the whole. There are frequent workshops and PTMs conducted that ensure that teachers and parents work in collaboration for the development of the children. The events and activities that are part of the curriculum are aimed at instilling discipline, ethics and values in students that would help them to develop their personality to become better citizens of the world.

Nalanda International School Infrastructure – A Walkthrough:

The right ambience is needed in imparting quality education. A school building should be made on planning and love, and not just bricks and stone. A great deal of thought has gone into transforming brick walls and concrete slabs into the environmentally friendly buildings of Nalanda International School. The school has four buildings, each of them retaining the school's chief architectural style of exposed brick, yet designed age specifically. The school retains its beauty due the administration departments.

Nalanda International School has extensive infrastructure for academic and non-academic pursuits of students. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Spacious classrooms
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Well stocked libraries
  • Well Ventilated Classrooms
  • Theatre
  • Courtyards
  • Exam halls
  • Sports grounds for football, basketball, badminton, volleyball
  • Provision for indoor activities such as table tennis and dance
  • Audio visual rooms

The structure of each building is unique and design is age appropriate. The highlight of the Pre School building is the beautiful courtyard and a huge block room. The highlights of the Junior School building are the bell tower, a well-equipped computer lab and the Dance Hall. The beauty of the Middle School building is enhanced with the Theatre and the Wood Workshop.

The sprawling campus is lush green and welcoming. The process of teaching-learning unfolds with the tweeting of birds with a visual treat of butterflies and peacocks! Students can also take short treks in the orchards inside the campus. There are teaching classes in the open classrooms and other open areas to help students stay connected with nature. Apart from the concrete buildings, the campus has trees, plants and flowers that creates a beautiful natural environment to study.

Nalanda International School has enhanced and embellished the beauty of the premises with some beautiful and exquisite elements, some of which are not just gorgeous or constructive objects but are also used by our students for sitting or playing with their friends. Students relate to these elements as they grow and move from one section to another and also have fond memories with these elements.

Come to witness the nature’s beauty come alive in a school environment. A visit is a must. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a school tour.

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