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5 Golden Tips On How To Engage Students in Learning Activities

Learning for students with Nalanda School Children are easily distracted by little things, which is why it's important to draw their attention using different techniques. Find out what the students are passionate about and then effectively use these interests as natural motivators to increase their engagement in different activities. Whether a child is fixated on one specific activity or has a few areas of interest, you can use simple strategies to work those fascinations into your activities and instruction.

Learning activities for studentsWhen it comes to student engagement in learning activities, teachers need to put in extra effort to engage them. This is because students may be emotionally invested in a given activity without actually making an effort to understand the knowledge, craft, or skill that the activity promotes.

The following tips will help increase student engagement emotionally and cognitively, thereby positively improving student learning and achievement.

1. Meaningful Activities

To attain full engagement, it's important to make the activities engaging and meaningful for students. Research shows that if students do not find an activity worthy of their time and effort, they might not engage in a satisfactory manner. Teachers can connect with the student's previous knowledge, skill or experience to encourage them to take part in an activity. They can also lure in the students by promoting the relevant value of the activity. Teachers need to show why a certain activity is worth pursuing and how it can be used in real life.

2. Autonomy Support

Autonomy support is the nurturing of the students' sense of control over their behaviours and goals. When teachers let go of extreme control over the students and instead focus on autonomy support, the students will automatically feel more inclined to get involved in an activity. Commanding and directing do not always work with children. Teachers can implement autonomy support through simple actions. It's important to consider students' opinions and ideas on the activity. Give them time to completely understand and adsorb the activity. Using non-controlling language and tone, can go a long way with students.

3. Collaborative Learning

Most ICSE Schools organise activities for children that compel them to collaborate with their peers to create and learn in the process. Collaborative learning naturally facilitates engagement and promotes healthy relationships. When students learn to work effectively with others, their engagement levels amplify. A sense of connection to others during the activities develop. Effective strategies can be implemented to make group work more productive. Teachers can help by assigning different roles to students and evaluating the group's performance. There are many ways to promote healthy learning, which is more fun compared to mere instruction.

4. Positive Teacher-Student Relationship

Another thing that learning activities can nurture is healthy teacher-student relationships. Quality teacher-student relationships are critical to determine student engagement, especially in the case of difficult students. When students have a close and caring relationship with their teachers, they fulfil their need for a connection with others and a sense of belonging. It's important to care for the students' social and emotional needs. Spend one-on-one time with the students and treat the students fairly. Displaying a positive attitude and enthusiasm can also help nurture students and encourage them to do better.

5. Knowledge Over Grades

Students' perspective of learning activities also determines their level of engagement. When students pursue an activity because they want to learn and understand, their engagement is more likely to be full. They will be motivated to learn because they want to garner knowledge, rather than outsmart their peers. To encourage this mindset, consider various approaches, such as framing success in terms of learning rather than performing. Place emphasis on individual progress rather than indulging in comparison and recognise a student's effort.

These are some of the tips that teachers can implement to get the best out of students. Student engagement can be attained through a variety of effective strategies. Nalanda International School is one of the best ICSE Schools in Vadodara. The teachers are dedicated to creating a healthy learning environment for children and nurture their curiosity at the same time.

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