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9 Tips To Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School

In the recent years, English has become one of the most influential languages in the world. It has revolutionised the academics of this era. English medium schools have become an important means to secure a child's future. It is an obvious fact that every parent wants to provide their child with the best. This is the main reason why a majority of parents choose the best English medium school for their children.

Parents need to introduce their children to English at an early age since it is vital for their future. As a parent, you need to think about all the aspects. It is often noticed that parents worry incessantly about their child's academic performance, but they need to remember that their little one will be introduced to an entirely new world at school. Parents should understand that their job does not stop at picking the best English medium school for their children, they also need to prepare their child for the change.

The first day of school is a big day for your child and you need to prepare them for the same. Here are certain tips that will help make the shift easier.

Take your little one along when school hunting:

You should take your child along when you are scouting for a school for them. It gives the child an opportunity to observe and perceive the place he or she would be spending a lot of time at. Once the process of enrolment is completed, confirm whether you can accompany your child for the initial days at school to make the child familiar and comfortable with the atmosphere, staff, and peers.

Talk about the school more often:

Try introducing the concept of school while talking to your child. The best time to do this would be while reading bedtime stories to the child. Include the concept of school in the story, describe it as a wondrous place where children enjoy while learning about colors, animals or anything that fascinates your child.

Overcome separation anxiety:

If you leave your child under the care of their grandparents while you go to work, get into the habit of saying goodbye to the child and hug your baby to assure him or her that you will return soon. It will naturally inculcate a pattern of your going and returning in their mind. This will further help in overcoming separation anxiety when you say goodbye to your little one on the first day of school.

Duration of the stay:

Talk to the school authorities about keeping the stay duration shorter for the first few days of the school. For example, start with an hour and gradually go on increasing the duration in the forthcoming weeks.

Encourage your child to use the school's transportation facility:

Most children tend to be against the idea of going to school for the first few days, and if they are accompanied by their parents, they tend to cry. To avoid this, choose the school's transportation facility. The school's transportation is better for the child. The moment they step inside the vehicle, there are several things to distract them. The variety of vehicles on the road, the trees, the flowers, and other children, will easily help distract your child. Your child will be pretty excited by the time he or she reaches the school. When you are on the hunt for the best English medium schools for your child, do make sure to check the facilities the schools have to offer. It will be easier for you to select a school that provides transportation facility for the children.

Pack their favorite toy and food in the school bag:

If the school policy permits, you can also let your children carry their favorite toy to school. For example, the teddy that your daughter loves or the coloring kit that your son covets can be a good distraction to motivate the child to spend a happy day at school. Also, make sure that you pack your child's favorite food in the tiffin, so if everything fails to catch their interest, the lunch box can be the last resort to entertain your child.

Get to know the other children:

If you know any other children that are starting school with your child, try arranging a small get-together with the parents of these children. Plan some entertaining games for the children at the get-together to encourage them to mingle. This way, if your child is really upset about going to school on the first day, you can uplift their spirits by letting them know that he or she will be accompanied by their new friends. This will get them a little excited for their first day.

Take your child school shopping:

Yes, it might sound a bit unusual, but it works. To lure your child into going to school happily, take them out to buy stationery for school. Let the child choose their favorite crayons, pencils, coloring books, tiffin, water bottle and school bag. Keep all of these things at a spot that is visible to the child to steadily increase their excitement for school.

Plan the sleep schedule:

And lastly, try scheduling your baby's sleep time. This is essential once school begins. You need to make your child sleep early. Say goodbye to late night sleeping rituals and adopt a reasonable wake-up time and routine. If your child has proper sleep, they will not be too opposed to the idea of school. The purpose is creating a healthy image of the school in your child's mind.

Utilise these above-mentioned tips and watch your child go to school with a huge smile and a spring in their steps. The key is finding the best English medium school in Vadodara, that focuses on academic brilliance as well as extracurricular skills. Remember that when it comes to your child, never settle for anything but the best!

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