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Wisdom Encapsulated in Pages: Reading Can Bring Out The Best In Your Child

The joys of skimming through endless pages and learning from them is unlike any other activity. Reading is an extremely engaging activity that benefits children immensely. It is a productive activity that keeps your child busy and helps them learn new things. Reading helps improve your child's communication skills as well as boost their IQ level.

No matter what school you choose to enrol your child in, motivating them to read is essential. Most top schools promote this activity, but parents need to encourage them to embrace this practise outside the classroom. Teach them to dedicate specific hours to reading, so that it gradually turns into a good habit that will support them throughout their lives.

Teaching your children to develop a reading habit has various benefits which can be great for their academic future as well as personal growth. You can start by reading story books to them at a young age. Once they can read on their own, ask them to read it out to you and explain what they understood from the book. The main reason for teaching your child to practise reading and spend time with books is to teach them to embrace every aspect of life and learn to embrace every culture and community. The following are some benefits of developing reading and embracing the world of words:

  • Educational
  • Neurological
  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Linguistic

When you start to teach your children how to read at an early age, it helps them with their academic success. Making them read few lines of stories everyday, will impart a love for learning, which will lead to better comprehension and academic performance. Research has proven that strong oral skills make it easier to embrace different aspects of knowledge. When your children learn to read books in their early years, they tend to have a great IQ level, expanding their vocabulary and make them fluent readers.

Reading helps to improve their attention span and enhance concentration, helping them excel in whatever they do. Vocabulary is a key aspect that can be improved by constant reading. Reading helps children learn more about themselves and their surrounding environment. The world of books is extremely diverse and there is something that can be learned from every book.


Reading is a beautiful gift that you can pass on to your child as they grow up. It helps to develop your child's brain in a very positive and strong manner. Experts say that the first six years of the child are very crucial, as they learn at a very fast pace compared to other phases in life. Your child will be extremely inquisitive at that age and will have thousands of questions that constantly go on in their mind every now and then. Since they want to learn everything possible, reading all kinds of books can help enhance their creativity.

Vital connections in the brain enhance over time and at an early stage the brain has the power to inculcate and process a lot of information. This means you have to instil good habits at a particular phase of their life. A baby is born with about 200 billion active neurons, helping them learn and adapt to the new world. It is your duty to give them the right stimulation, take advantage of the situation and instil positive practices like reading. You can be the perfect role model for your child, so keep reading books to them and encourage them to explore different genres and authors.


Today, children at a very young age have social awareness, which means they are up to the scale as yours. They are aware of popularity, fame, glamour and will like to be a part of the ever evolving world. Children are so smart that they can tell you who is good at what and who needs to improve in a specific skill. When your child is smarter than other children in kindergarten, they are likely to win certificates, applause and awards.

Although these things matter, it is essential to start by teaching them about principles, ethics and the wrong from the right. Teach them to not be greedy of appreciation, ask them to work hard for every compliment. If they do not win an award at school, try to give them a little gift at home for trying their best. Motivation is the key to keep children going.

Many top schools give participation certificates to children to encourage them to tale part in the next competition. Encourage them to write or speak poems on the stage during an event, so they can learn the art of expressing themselves through words. Help them choose better words when writing down something or when speaking on topics that they are passionate about. It will boost their self-confidence to be able to interact with others and embrace their quirks.

Psychological Reasons

Children who grow up with parents who ask them to read or caretakers who tell them stories, turn out to be self-confident and independent. Reading books promote imagination, a greater maturity level, increases self-discipline and creates a strong base for moral literacy. It has the capability to spark curiosity among children, which helps them learn new things and embrace their shortcomings. When you teach them to do various activities through reading and exploring different books, there are a lot of things that they will eventually learn.

Concepts like problem solving skills and understanding different perspectives will come with ease to them. Children are extremely talented and skilled in finding out new techniques to perform a particular activity. Teaching them how to read will broaden the horizons of their mind and gives them a better platform to base their education on. Children with a strong literacy base excel in almost every field from music to sports. They do not feel anxious and nervous in a group and can confidently speak their mind.


Experts say that children who are able to read way before they join school, have an easier time to grasp and understand the new words and concepts taught in school. Remember that the sooner a child learns how to read books, the easier it is for them to accumulate knowledge. Motivating them to do something different will help them stand out in a crowd. Let them discover what they are good at by giving them a chance to know all the different type of fields they can choose from.

All the top schools should teach students to read books to help them improve their vocabulary, grammar usage, writing, spelling and oral communication. Children who read more books have the opportunity to speak better and convey their message more clearly. They can participate in lot of competitions like debates and essay writing completions, win prizes and feel confident.

These are some of the benefits of reading from an early age. It is your duty to instil reading habits that will eventually grow as they age. No child is going to like reading if they have concentration issues, so help them address these problems confidently. Let them start with just a few lines and then push them to read paragraphs once they are more comfortable with it. You can make reading interesting by taking them to parks and showing them practical examples to relate with the context.

Everything starts with the right education, so choose from the top schools in Vadodara. Do not fixate on grades too much, your goal should be overall development of your child's mind and talents.

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